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Pioneer BDP-V6000 Professional Blu-ray Player Review Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
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Pioneer BDP-V6000 Professional Blu-ray Player Review
Blu-ray Performance
DVD and Music Performance

Keeping up with the Blu-ray to DVD comparison theme, the standard-definition presentation of Fight Club came into the player for evaluation.  It’s a bit harder to evaluate, since it’s an older DVD with some issues.  The V6000 handles the material about as well as you could expect, attempting to contain the edge-enhancement and fluctuating film grain to the best of its capacity.  What’s impressive is the level of color it presents in standard definition, approaching near-HD levels.

Finally, Young Frankenstein enters into the player for evaluation of non-anamorphic content (a disc recently replaced over Black Friday for the anamorphic version, but that’s neither here nor there).  The V6000, just like the BDP-320, doesn’t have an internal zoom mechanism, so the television itself must do the scaling.  With the 4x3 material toggle turned to “Normal” in the setup and the image blown up across the screen, the results were actually very pleasing.  The black and white tones stay crisp and clean throughout, all while trying its hardest to preserve the grain structure within the image.
Bear in mind that Pioneer’s V6000 player is, in fact, a Region 1 machine that cannot play discs from other zones.  It also cannot convert PAL-encoded material, even if the DVD is region free.  

Pioneer V6000 Rear Panel
CD/Media Performance:

Utilizing the Pioneer’s V6000 Home Media Gallery provides a fluid and simple-to-adjust framework for photographs and MP3s.  However, the material all has to be made available via disc, as there isn’t a data-compatible USB port for usage (the rear USB port is for Blu-ray storage only).  Entering a disc with photographs made the process of selecting and viewing a simple affair, though waiting on the shots to load took a while longer than anticipated.  Selecting one of the shots made the slideshow available, cycling through at a pleasant pace.  MP3s operate on about the same level, playing seamlessly through the uncomplicated yet highly functional framework.  Sound quality wasn’t too bad with the files, though that’ll largely depend on the record quality.

CD and music playback also works rather well, opening into the same standard playlist function as the MP3 files.  First tested was 2L Nordic’s Nystedt: Immortal Bach and Mozart’s Violin Concerto in D Major.  Both express fluid range of sound throughout in DTS HD Master Audio quality, preserving the hearty mid-range elements to finely-pitched levels.  The sound level is actually a few marks higher than in other players, so that’ll need to be adjusted as per user temperament.  Hopping to 5.1 and 2.0 LPCM sound functions showcase the difference in clarity and surround presentation, showcasing the slightly heightened clarity and dimensionality in the Master Audio track.  For a standard CD, Portishead’s “Dummy” CD was given a spin.  Quality from the CD was rigid but not too shabby, handling middle-frequency bass and crisp soprano and alto elements with flamboyant splashes of clarity.  Each track can be selected with the “Add to HMG” Playlist, so that you can create your own registry of tracks to access from the disc.   Note that the player isn’t compatible with the likes of SACD or DVD-Audio.


Pros: Superb Audio/Video Quality, Profession-grade Enhancement, Decent Load Times

Impressions with Pioneer’s V6000 are overwhelmingly positive on the Blu-ray quality front, as to be expected.  The crispness of its visual quality easily stands toe-to-toe with many of the heavy hitters in the market, rendering classy lines and sublime blasts of high-definition color in 1080p/24.  Audio comes out of the gate with an equally strong presence, offering high-definition sound to phenomenally robust degrees.  Standard definition material also pours through well with this player, taking comparable high-definition/standard-definition discs authored at the same time and making the lower-grade resolution look ever so close to its counterpart.  Furthermore, though it’s not terribly flexible with sound files, disc options, or adjustment of the core music itself, it plays both high-definition and standard-definition disc with a respectable level of clarity and depth.  On top of that, load times and BD-Live fluidity are great.

Now, this player has been crafted with a few other purposes in mind, and that’s where many of its other strong suits find their footing.  The V6000 is considered a “professional” level player simply because, well, it’s a workhorse; its construction quality for the unit is impressive, cradling the player’s innards in a stable and lasting body that keeps energy consumption and moisture levels in check.  Along with a mind for duability, it’s also an installation-friendly unit.  A mounting bracket comes packaged with each player, making integration into the wall or in a remaining rack a snappy process.  It also sports a RS232c communication port that the consumer-level players don’t offer, which heightens the possibility for custom builds with this player.  

Cons:  Somewhat Expensive for Feature Set, No Wireless, Lacks Access to Photos/MP3s via Storage

However, it all comes at a cost.  Since the player is, at the very least, comparable to Pioneer’s BDP-320 for quality, it’s hard to look at the benefits from a consumer level and justify the spike in pricing.  It’s certainly a well-built unit and the additional elements certainly make it a worthwhile machine, but the $999.99 price tag makes the step up a bit hard to swallow for those not looking for custom installs.  Again, it has to be called to attention that this higher-priced Blu-ray player doesn’t have wireless connectivity,  or the ability to internally convert PAL signals to NTSC.  It also cannot access a storage device to display photographs and play mp3s, relying purely on discs for that function.

Final Thoughts:

Pioneer always have their ducks in a row when it comes to offering a polished, high-quality video machine, and the professional-grade BDP-V6000 certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard.  The construction of the unit itself and its ease for custom installation are its two calls to action, sporting build quality and addendums to its construction (including RS232c compatibility) that appeal to venues and full-blown assembly of an advanced home theater.  To justify its price tag in terms of quality, it’s a top-shelf Profile 2.0, 1080p/24 unit that stands toe-to-toe with the company’s other players in that respect, presenting both Blu-ray discs and standard-definition DVDs and CDs to phenomenal degrees.  It’ll all come down to the implementation that the V6000 will be used for; enthusiasts looking for versatility on top of top-notch quality from their consumer-grade player will be far more satisfied with the likes of Pioneer’s BDP-320 or from OPPO’s phenomenal BDP-83, but those looking for Pioneer-level class in a commercial enviroment or custom installation will indeed find what they’re looking for in the V6000.

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