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Rotel RSP-1570 7.1 Processor/Preamplifier Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
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Rotel RSP-1570 7.1 Processor/Preamplifier
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ImageThe multi-functionality of any decent a/v receiver on the market today must be the most prominent and fundamental element when a consumer considers purchasing an a/v receiver for their living room or bedroom. Some consumers want a great 7.1 surround processor that will replicate the exact and precise DTS theater sound found at the local multiplex. But some others might want to purchase an a/v receiver that replicates the delicate nuances of pure stereo sound only, not wanting to listen to any surround mode whatsoever that would corrupt the pure audio that the original studio engineer that worked on the CD wanted to capture for prosperity.

That kind of “audio purist” that puts 2-channel clear stereo sound ahead of the latest DTS surround mode when looking for a new a/v receiver is what Rotel’s sound engineers are always striving to please. Although Rotel’s receivers are well known for delivering uncompromising surround sound audio for an excellent home theater listening experience, Rotel also designs their a/v receivers to satisfy the consumer who wants to bring out the fluid tones of a musical CD in two-channel audio as well as easily reproduce any surround mode that Dolby or any other audio company incorporates into the next line of home audio components.

Because Rotel is dedicated to a “Balanced Design Element”, as they call it, Rotel’s engineers are constantly making critical evaluations about what type of circuitry will go into every audio component in their product line, include the RSP line of a/v receivers and surround sound processors. Since I was about to receive a demonstration of what the RSP-1570 Processor / Preamplifier could deliver when it came to 2-channel pure audio, I wanted to make sure that the processor / preamplifier I was going to review was capable of bringing that type of clean and precise audio to the attached B&W CM9 speakers, so I asked Jim Wicklund, the co-owner of Premiere Home Entertainment, the store in which I was getting the demonstration what he thought about Rotel’s ability to deliver on both the 2-channel audio front as well as the surround-sound side of audio distribution. He told me that he thought Rotel was on top of their game as far as creating a processor / preamplifier that can distribute the clarity of pure 2-channel audio while also bringing out the best of any surround sound mode currently on the market today.


The RSP-1570 itself makes an impression on the viewer immediately, with its sleek metal design, along with its vast array of silver buttons which instantly modernizes the design elements of the a/v receiver to anyone who views it. On the backside of this unit, I noticed that this receiver features 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output, 4 digital optical inputs and 3 digital coaxial inputs. So you can see that the RSP-1570 is definitely set up to handle any audio system’s needs when it comes to hooking up a myriad of home theater components. This processor / preamplifier also incorporates an analog bypass mode that ensures authentic 2-channel stereo sound with no sign of digital processing interfering with the natural sound element that only 2-channel stereo can bring with it. If you currently own an SACD player and want to hear what type of audio quality that a Rotel receiver can deliver with such a high-end audio component attached to it, the RSP-1570 contains a multi input for 7.1 channel analog signals that your SACD will need to distribute that high-end audio clarity that SACD sound is known for. For the consumer who wants to insure that this processor / preamplifier is up to the task as far as surround sound is concerned, the following surround audio modes are featured in the RSP-1570 processor / preamplifier: Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby True HD as well as the newer Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pro Logic IIx. If you own a new Blu-Ray DVD that includes DTS 5.1 channel, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 or DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 channel modes, the RSP-1570 will automatically decode the movie’s soundtrack for you effortlessly. For a processor / preamplifier that is packed with features such as these, the weight of this audio component is a fairly light and compact 22 pounds, while the dimensions of the unit are 17” high and over 13” long.

If you’re worried about this processor / preamplifier absorbing too much of your overall system’s power, don’t be. The component consumes 60 watts of power and the power requirements clock in at a low 120 volts, 60hz, if you live in the United States, and around 230 volts, 50hz if you live elsewhere in the world with the unit’s CE version of the Rotel RSP-1570. The preamp output levels are rated at 1.0V/250 ohms and the unit’s total frequency response is rated at a respectable 3 Hz-100MHz. The on-screen menu system of this component includes easy-to-read information relating to how you have the audio configured for your separates and your loudspeaker system that is displayed in a large LED front panel display.

With the System Status screen, the display will show you the exact surround mode you are recording/listening to, it will show you which audio input you are currently hooked up to, as well as how high the volume level happens to be. This type of display is perfect for when you are recording from another separate source to another, which will cut down on audio recording input errors that sometimes leads to distortion or sound blur if not carefully monitored at all times while recording mode is in place.


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