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Paradigm Revamps Monitor Series Speakers - Introduces v.6 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 August 2008
ImageBy “tweaking for perfection” the sixth incarnation of its acclaimed Monitor Series, Paradigm today improved the best value in loudspeakers. The re-vamped Monitor line retains all of the same technology as the v.5 series while adding updates such as modified phase-coherent crossovers, redesigned magnetic grilles and a luxurious new finish. For individual product updates, the Titan Monitor gains a new rear port as well as an updated voice coil for even better bass response.
In response to customer and dealer feedback, Paradigm did a complete re-design of the Monitor v.6 grilles. The new magnetic grilles feature ultra-low diffraction with re-worked, reinforced placement of the magnets to ensure the grilles will stay perfectly centered over the baffle at all times and not move unless removed.
For aesthetics, Paradigm added nickel-plated screws to all bookshelf, floorstanding and center-channel speakers to provide a lustrous, high-tech touch. Made popular by luxury furniture manufacturers, all v.6 models are also available in a chic new Wengé (pronounced wen-gay) finish. When black, rosenut or cherry don’t match a room’s décor, customers now have the option of wengé, a dark brown, almost black, finish with fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with blackish brown stripes.
“When you have something that works and sells as well as our Monitor Series, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to re-invent it top to bottom,” says Paradigm Marketing Manager Mark Aling. “However, if the R team identifies something that can be improved, even incrementally, our philosophy is that such changes enhance the value of the product. Paradigm’s customers and dealers deserve the best value possible, and that’s what Monitor Series v.6 is all about.”
Paradigm’s SuperDrive£ technology, first introduced in Series v.5, remains a vital component of the Monitor Series. SuperDrive combines very high efficiency with very high output and ultra-low distortion. Combined with the tweaked crossover design, even moderately powered amplifiers allow the Monitor Series v.6 speakers to deliver a higher level of performance than ever before. Because of their high efficiency and power handling, Monitor Series v.6 speakers hold their own in terms of efficiency and output with major brands of horn speakers. In non-level-matched a/b comparisons, the new Monitor speakers not only play as loud, but their sound is authentically high-end. Compared to all other major speaker brands, when it comes to playing loud, Monitor v.6 speakers lead the way–not just in their product category, but compared to speakers selling at more than twice the price!
The new Monitor Series v.6 lineup:
Atom Monitor – Two-driver 2-way bookshelf/stand-mounted: 5-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome; $149/ea
Mini Monitor – Two-driver 2-way bookshelf/stand-mounted: 6-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome; $219/ea
Titan Monitor – Two-driver 2-way bookshelf/stand-mounted: 7-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome; $279/ea
Monitor 7 – Four-driver 2-1/2-way floorstanding: Two 5-1/2? carbon-infused polypropylene bass, 5-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass,1? H-PTD£ dome; $379/ea
Monitor 9 – Four-driver 2-1/2-way floorstanding: Two 6-1/2? carbon-infused polypropylene bass, 6-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass,1? H-PTD£ dome; $499/ea
Monitor 11 – Four-driver 2-1/2-way floorstanding: Two 7-1/2? carbon-infused polypropylene bass, 7-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome; $699/ea
CC-190 – Four-driver 3-way center channel: Two 5-1/2? carbon-infused polypropylene bass, 3-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome: $299
CC-290 – Four-driver 3-way center channel: Two 6-1/2? carbon-infused polypropylene bass, 4-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome; $499
CC-390 – Seven-driver 3-way center channel: Four 6-1/2? carbon-infused polypropylene bass, two 4-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, 1? H-PTD£ dome; $699
ADP-190 – Four-driver 2-way surround/rear: Two 5-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, two 1? H-PTD£ domes; $249/ea
ADP-390 – Five-driver 3-way surround/rear: One carbon-infused polypropylene bass, two 4-1/2? M-ICP£ mid/bass, two 1? H-PTD£ domes; $429/ea

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