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Warner Home Video Announces Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Print E-mail
Friday, 21 July 2006
Do you ever swear to yourself that you were positive there was a scene between Otis and Lex when escaping from jail involving a “Pssst” routine that is reminiscent of Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on First?”? Or do you remember hearing Superman say, “Somehow, I just can’t hear you Zod”. Well, there is good news. No, you are not going crazy. Those scenes along with many others will be restored in the Richard Donner cut of Superman II. Alas, all the phone calls, and petitions, and emails to Warner Bros. has paid off for the fans of this amazing adventure that some would say is better than the original.
Most people probably don’t realize that Superman II came under different direction due to creative differences between director Richard Donner (director of the first Superman film) and the producers. Donner shot the majority of Superman II while filming Superman: The Movie. Richard Lester was hired to finish Donner’s project, however, he altered most all of the major concepts in Superman II from Donner’s original vision.

Nearly thirty years after the original release of the film, Richard Donner becomes the first director in the history of the industry to see his vision come to fruition after leaving the project during production. Much of Donner’s added footage to the film consists of Marlon Brando’s role as Jor-El and the father and son relationship. Reviving the father/son relationship in this new Donner cut may fall nicely into place with the release of Superman Returns, which spends a large portion of screen time dealing with the concept. Other changes in this new cut includes new Lois Lane attempts to unmask Clark Kent as Superman.

Dedicated Superman fans may remember the 1984 ABC “Movie Of The Week” airing of Superman II. That televised broadcast included over thirty minutes of deleted footage from the theatrical release of the film. Most all of that footage was shot and intended for use by Richard Donner. Fans will now get to see those scenes once again in the Richard Donner Cut.

In addition to the Richard Donner Cut, Warner Home Video has also announced the release of Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition, Superman II: 2-Disc Special Edition, as well as Superman III and Superman IV Deluxe Editions.

The Superman: 4-Disc DVD set will include numerous extras in addition to the original theatrical release of the movie and the 2001 Extended Edition (as seen in the Complete Collection Package).

The Superman II: 2-Disc DVD set will include a remixed Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, multiple featurettes, and Superman cartoons from the vault.

Both Superman III and IV Deluxe Editions will contain commentaries as well as additional scenes for each film.

Finally, Warner will also be releasing the Christopher Reeve Superman Collection that will contain eight DVD Discs. They package will be compromised of all the new releases except for Superman II: the Richard Donner Cut.

All of these revised edition DVDs are scheduled for release on November 28, 2006. The Suggested Retail Prices are as follows; Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut - $24.98, Superman: 4-Disc Collection – $39.92, Superman II: 2-Disc set - $26.99, Superman III & IV Deluxe Editions - $19.97 each, and the Christopher Reeve Superman Collection - $68.92.

Superman: The Movie (4-Disc) Special Features
Disc One
•Original 1978 theatrical version with soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.1
•Commentary by producer Pierre Spengler and executive producer Ilya Salkind
•Theatrical trailers
•TV spot
•Languages: English & Français
•Subtitles: English, Français & Español (feature film only)
Disc Two
•2000 expanded edition movie with commentary by director Richard Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz
•Music-only audio track
•Subtitles: English, Français, Español & Português (feature film only)
Disc Three
•Three documentaries: Taking Flight: The Development of Superman, Making Superman: Filming the Legend, The Magic Behind the Cape
•Restored scenes
•Screen tests
•Audio-only bonus: additional music cues
Disc Four
•Vintage TV special The Making of Superman: The Movie
•1951 Movie Superman and the Mole-Men, starring George Reeves
•Nine Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons mastered from superior vault elements: OscarÒ nominee Superman, The Mechanical Monsters, Billion Dollar Limited, The Arctic Giant, The Bulleteers, The Magnetic Telescope, Electric Earthquake, Volcano, Terror on the Midway

Superman II: 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Special Features
Disc One
•Movie with commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Pierre Spengler
•Soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.1
•Theatrical trailer
•Languages: English & Français
•Subtitles: English, Français & Español (feature film only)
Disc Two
•Vintage TV specials The Making of Superman II and Superman 50th Anniversary
•New featurette First Flight: The Fleischer Superman Series
•Eight Famous Studios Superman cartoons mastered from superior vault elements: Japoteurs, Showdown, Eleventh Hour, Destruction, Inc., The Mummy Strikes, Jungle Drums, The Underground World, Secret Agent

Superman III Deluxe Edition DVD Special Features
•Commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Pierre Spengler
•Vintage TV special The Making of Superman III
•Additional scenes
•Theatrical trailer
•Languages: English & Français
•Subtitles: English, Français & Español (feature film only)

Superman IV Deluxe Edition DVD Special Features
•Commentary by screenwriter Mark Rosenthal
•Additional scenes
•Theatrical trailer
•Languages: English & Français
•Subtitles: English, Français & Español (feature film only)

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