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JL Audio Dominion d108 Subwoofer Review Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Article Index
JL Audio Dominion d108 Subwoofer Review
Set Up and Performance

As I streamed numerous albums, the Dominion subs were extremely precise, quick, and nimble. I was quite surprised how well they integrated with the Brystons' eight inch woofers, and just how much they aided the Spendors. To be clear, I don’t look for subwoofers to provide “bass” for a system, what they do is add weight, and gravitas, adding lifelike solidity to the lower end that makes the presentation more believable and more anchored. In my opinion, a subwoofer should provide a foundation, but not be asked to do beyond what it was designed for, which is augmentation. But that augmentation is critical for a satisfying presentation.

A word about stereo and mono setups. I very much enjoyed the stereo set up, one sub on each side of the room. There was a “rightness” about the presentation and localization of the subs seemed not be an issue. Since program material can have bass specific information mixed to one channel or the other, a stereo set up is generally more accurate. However, even with one Dominion sub in system in a summed mono set up, the added weight, low bass augmentation, and the blend between the main speakers was excellent.

I have known fellow audiophiles that have spent weeks, and even months dialing in their subwoofers. As I said, it can be as complicated or stress free as you make it. Because the JL Dominion subs are so clean and quick, it was much easier than I anticipated to integrate them seamlessly. Of course it is possible, I could have gotten even more satisfying results with sophisticated DSP calibration, but I don’t have the patience or the budget for high quality calibration gear. “By ear” is the way I roll, and the very responsive controls on the Dominion let me do that.

I should note I used no special tweaks on the Dominions aside for swapping out the stock power cord mid way through the review with Shunyata Venom power cords, and I situated the subs on Auralex subwoofer platforms. I can’t say I really heard much of a difference with the aftermarket power cords, but I did feel the Auralex platforms did make a difference in taming floor resonances. At around $60 each they are worthy accessory.


The Dominion subs, once dialed in, essentially disappeared and ended up being indispensable additions to my system. When they were turned off, it was quite noticeable. Noticeable to the point that I feel my system is better of with them.

Here is a huge bonus: if excellent sonic performance was not enough, Dominion subwoofers are made right here in the USA in JL Audio’s Florida factory. How JL Audio does this and prices the Dominion starting at $799 is beyond me. It must be economies of scale.

If you are looking for the last missing piece for your system -- the sense of lifelike weight and scale -- and don't want to break the bank, I can’t possibly recommend the JL Audio Dominion subwoofer series highly enough.


JL Audio Dominion Subwoofer: $799 Black Ash / $899 Gloss Black
  • Unbalanced Inputs: Stereo or Mono (two RCA jacks)
  • High-Level Inputs: Stereo or Mono (removable plug)
  • Level Control: Variable – full mute to +15 dB over reference gain
  • Power On/Off: Automatic Signal-Sensing only
  • Low-Pass Filter: 24 dB per octave with Linkwitz-Riley alignment
  • Low-Pass Cutoff Frequency Range: Variable – 25 Hz-130 Hz
  • Polarity: 0 or 180 degrees
  • Phase: Variable from 0-280 degrees, referenced to 80 Hz
  • Enclosure Type: Sealed
  • Drivers: Single 8-inch (nominal diameter)
  • Frequency Response (anechoic):
  • 31-112 Hz (+/ 1.5dB)
  • -3 dB at 29 Hz/119 Hz
  • -10 dB at 21 Hz/143 Hz
  • Input Impedance:
  • Line Inputs: 20 k ohms
  • High-Level Inputs: 4.4 k ohms
  • Amplifier Power: 500 watts RMS short-term
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
  • 37 in. x 10 in. x 13.23 in.
  • 289 mm. x 254 mm. x 336 mm.
  • Net Weight: 26.4 lbs. (12 kg)
  • Cabinet Finish: Black Ash Vinyl Veneer
  • Built in USA with imported and domestic components

Review System 1

DAC: Simaudio 280D
Tape Deck: Revox A77, Revox B77
Server: Bryston BDP-2
Preamp: Rogue Audio RP-5, Aric Audio Unlimited
Amplifier: Audio Research VS55, Simaudio 760A, Rotel RB-1590
Speaker: Bryston Mini T
Cables: Stager Sound, Acoustic Zen, Element Cable, DH Labs, iFi, SVS
Accessories: Symposium Rollerblocks and Svelte Shelves, Shakti Stone, Bryston BIT-15, Salamander rack

Review System 2

Music Server: SOtM sMS-100 w/ Battery XPS
Preamp: Aric Audio Expression, Belles Soloist 3
DAC/Streamer: Simaudio 280D w MiND
Power Amplifier: Onkyo M5000R
Tape Deck: Sony TC-350
Speaker: Magnepan MMG, Spendor S35R
Cables: Stager Sound, Transparent, DH Labs, SVS
Accessories: Cable Pro Noisetrapper, iFi iPower, Audience aR6

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