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Audio Specialiste Dimension D-SUB 10 Subwoofer Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 June 2000
ImageThe D-SUB 10 is an entry level, very active subwoofer manufactured by Audio Specialiste. This member of the Dimension product family sits in the living room unnoticed until a signal is detected by the auto on/off circuitry, then it's time to bar the door. The unit is offered at a power-packed $499.00

The Audio Specialiste’s family tree, a Canadian based company, officially extended its limbs into the United States and international markets at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The company offers 30 models within four product groups; Virtuel, Dimension, Crescendo, and Propheti.

The genetic pool of the D-SUB 10 is deep. The unit offers a very rigid 10" polycone speaker encased in a 14 inch (h) x 14 1/3 inch (w) x 18 1/2"(d) enclosure. The slotted band pass design braces the woofer facing the forward reflective panel of the enclosure. Sound waves are then released through a horizontal slot, or port, in the rear of the speaker. The power section contains an impressive 200 watt high current twin power mosfet amplifier with a peak rating of 500 watts. The amplifier was designed and manufactured specifically for the D-SUB 10 by Audio Specialiste. The engineers of both the speaker/enclosure and amplifier worked hand in hand to breathe life into this little giant. The back panel is cleanly layed out and offers the following; adjustable low pass crossover level control which is variable at 24 dB/octave, high pass crossover filter control variable at 12 dB/octave, one pair of RCA outputs, one pair of RCA inputs and four pairs of output speaker terminals for satellite applications. The enclosure is made up of medium density fiberboard and is available in black, mahogany or natural oak laminate finishes. Wonderful characteristics.
Before I begin evaluating the D-SUB 10, a quick description of my listening environment may be helpful. The area is fairly small, about six by eleven feet. The room is also very "live", due to the plaster walls and wood floors. For reference I used the Sherwood Newcastle R-725 A/V receiver, for Dolby Digital processing I employed the Vantas DPA-P87 and Yamaha’s DVD-S700 DVD player as my source.

Many of today’s entry level active subwoofers tend to be a little bossy, if not forceful and overpowering. This low profile, highly sensitive offspring has a very natural sound; not too fat - not too thin. Just right. The sound was full with plenty of low frequency flavors. While viewing "Godzilla" (Columbia/Tristar) (sorry, I had to do it) I found the thunderous footsteps to be ominous and impressive, however the more subtle attributes and nuances caught my ear. As Godzilla stomped away through the streets of Manhattan, the scene abruptly cuts away to the quiet interior of a closed-door meeting of military personnel. There wasn’t a shred of resonance of the foot smashing path sequence leaking its way into the library-like atmosphere of the military pow-wow. Very nice and quiet.

Some of the other films that I viewed while sampling the D-SUB 10 included "Soldier" (Warner Bros), "Armageddon" (Touchstone) and "In Gods Hands" (Columbia/Tristar). The unit reacted beautifully to all. From the roaring big waves of mother earth to the starship penetrating blasts, the D-SUB 10 followed with both finesse and strength.

The Downside
There weren't many downsides to the D-SUB 10. Just to get picky and stay objective, I’ll name a couple. I would have liked the low and high pass filter controls to be arranged side by side as opposed to stacked. My product was shipped without an owner’s manual. Even though this unit was very easy to set-up, I would have liked a manual to review specifications and such.

For someone who has preferred down firing subwoofers, the D-SUB 10 has turned my head. The slotted band pass design is a truly wonderful way to disperse low frequencies in all directions that filled my listening environment. As for power, this unit has plenty to spare. The sound is warm and gentle, and at the price the D-SUB 10 will be hard to beat.

It’s my opinion that we welcome our Canadian neighbors into the domestic family of fine audio products. As for the D-SUB 10, give this one a good listening to, you won’t be disappointed.

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