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Genesis G7c Loudspeakers Print E-mail
Monday, 06 January 2014
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Genesis G7c Loudspeakers
Set Up and Listening
Gary L. Koh Interview

The G7c also handled jazz with great finesse, as I cycled through recordings by Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Archie Shepp, and Sonny Rollins. I also listened to quite a bit of rare, live, unreleased material from these artists, and was very pleased with the way the speakers handled the rhythmic complexity and how it revealed the distinct attributes of each venue. Horns, pianos, drums, and bass were tonally correct and were not lacking in body. Spatial relationships, between instruments, were also excellent.

With drivers made of advanced materials and cabinet construction as inert as the G7c, one can be forgiven for expecting an analytical sound, but this was not the case! The G7c straddles the line perfectly between a “just the facts ma’am” highly transparent sound, and an engaging, musical presentation that drew this listener in closer to the performances.

One of the things I really liked about the G7c is the fact it sounded just as engaging at whisper quiet volumes, as well as at near realistic levels. During the review period, I found myself often listening to the system very quietly for up to half an hour before bedtime, and being quite pleased at how the coherent the music sounded.

The G7c ultimately reveals itself to be an ultra low distortion speaker that is amplifier-friendly, with super articulate and tight bass, and silky, extended highs. The cabinet is engineered to offer virtually non-existent coloration, and the proof is in the clean, wide open soundstage and midrange purity. If one can find any fault with the G7c, it won’t be with the sonics or build quality. Perhaps there are more attractive speakers on the market, but that is in the eye of the beholder.

Genesis G7c


The Genesis G7c is the first product I have heard in my own system from the Seattle-based company, and it makes me want to hear more. At $6000 they are not entry level, and there are many speakers at this price range to choose from. But I would venture to guess few offer the wide-open, transparent, low distortion, effortless presentation the G7c does. The company’s legacy is second to none, and they service generations old Genesis products in the field.
The G7c is also very versatile with its adjustable tweeter, optional rear tweeter, bass response, and placement as a stand mounted two-channel monitor or a center channel speaker. The way it is built, it too should last generations. I highly recommend an audition of the Genesis G7c. I can’t imagine listeners who prize uncolored and accurate reproduction of recordings, without listener fatigue, not be being taken by the G7c.


Genesis G7c

Frequency Response: 50Hz to 40kHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity: 87 dB 1 watt 1 meter
Input Impedance: 6 ohms (nominal)
HF Transducers: Two Genesis 1" circular ribbons (front and read)
Mid-Woofer Transducer: Two Genesis 5.5" titanium cone
Controls: Front Tweeter Level (+/-1.0dB), Rear Tweeter Defeat
Inputs: Speaker level 5-way binding posts
Outputs: Speaker throughput with 5-way binding posts
Dimensions: H 23 3/4" x W 7 3/4" x D 11" (603mm x W 200mm x D 278mm)
Weight: 30lbs (13.6kg)

Review System 1

CD Transport: Marantz SA-14S1 SACD player
Server: Marantz NA-11S1
DAC: Bryston BDA-1, SIM Neo 308D
Headphone Amp: Pro-Ject Head Box II
Headphones: Grado SR60
Preamp: Channel Islands Audio PLC-1 MkII
Amplifier: Audio Research VS55, Rogue ST 100
Speaker: Thiel CS2.4
Cables:  Stager Silver Solids, Darwin Ascension (IC), Transparent  MM2 Super (IC), Transparent Plus (Speaker) Acoustic Zen Tsunami II (AC),Transparent (AC).Shunyata Venom (AC) Element Cable Red Storm (Digital AC), DH Labs TosLink, DH Labs AES/EBU, Audioquest, Forest, WireWorld Ultraviolet, DH Labs USB(USB) DH Labs (USB)
Accessories: Symposium Rollerblocks, Shakti Stone, Audience Adept Response aR6 power conditioner,Salamander rack

Review System 2

CD Player: Onkyo C7000R
Music Server: Squeezebox Touch via Ethernet to, Oppo BDP-105
MAC Mini w/ Western Digital & Seagate external drives.
DAC: Musical Fidelity A90m
Integrated Amplifier: McIntosh  MA6600, Rogue Sphinx
Tape Deck: Revox A77
Speaker: Harbeth Compact 7ES3, KEF LS50
Cables: Darwin Cables Silver IC, Kimber Hero HB,  DH Labs White Lightning (IC),QED Transparent MusicWave (Speaker),PS Audio (AC), Mojo Audio (AC), DH Labs TosLink, Audioquest Forest USB, Wireworld Ultraviolet USB
Accessories:Cable Pro Noisetrapper, Sound Anchors Stands, Wiremold, KECES XPS


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