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Anthony Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-1 Loudspeaker & CLS-10 Subwoofer Review Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 September 2012
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Anthony Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-1 Loudspeaker & CLS-10 Subwoofer Review
Set Up and Listening
ImageAnthony Gallo Acoustics, founded in 1994, has pushed the limits of loudspeaker design, and dazzled those who have encountered their products.  Their futuristic, advanced technology based loudspeakers often raised eyebrows with their appearance, which feature cylindrical drivers, side firing woofers, and the lack of any traditional enclosure or box. They have a diehard following in the context of two channel and home theater setups alike.

Recently, Anthony Gallo  Acoustics made big news with their introduction of a full line of speakers in traditional cabinet enclosures with wood finishes.  This was a big surprise to those who have followed Gallo over the years.  These new products are marketed as the Classico Series. As one might expect from Gallo, there are unique and proprietary technologies under the hood of these seemingly conventional looking designs. According to Anthony Gallo Acoustics, some of the proprietary technologies used in the Classico Series include:

Backwave Linearization and Synchronization Technology (BLAST): AGA's newest technology is the implementation of the BLAST System. Benefits of the BLAST system include an improved acoustic impedance match between the woofer/midrange driver and the air within the enclosure, which simply stated, allows the speaker to play louder, deliver
exceptional bass, and perform overall like a speaker many times its size. Using our engineering resources, we've been able to achieve this performance advance without requiring more power from the amplifier! The BLAST system incorporates an enhanced version of our S2™ technology that is strategically placed within a modified transmission

Enhanced S2 with our Modified Transmission Line:
In essence, our patented S2 technology tricks the Classico's precision woofers into performing as though they're in significantly larger enclosures. The combination of the S2 technology and our modified transmission line creates a speaker that sounds much larger than its actual size and
delivers real-life impact without ever sounding muddy.

Optimized Pulse Technology™ (OPT) Level 2: Wooden enclosures like the ones incorporated in the Classico Series are not as rigid as the metal enclosures used in our reference Series products. Due to this disparity, the original OPT Level 1 system would not have worked properly. However, we were able to develop OPT Level 2, which applies a dielectric absorption countermeasure to eliminate sonic degradation from static charges that typically build up on speaker wires and within the speaker itself.

I received for review a pair of Classico CL-1 mini monitors, as well as a CLS-10 subwoofer. The CL-1 sells for 247.50 for each speaker, and the CLS-10 for $699. The Classico series is sold direct from the Gallo US website. The CL-1 is the least expensive model in the Classico line. The CLS-10 is one of two subs available from the Classico line, the other being the  CLS-12.

There are four additional speakers in the Classico line, including a larger monitor, two floor standers, and a center channel speaker.  The CL-1 differs from the speakers up the line in that it features a soft dome tweeter, as opposed to the unique cylindrical transducer found in the CL-2 monitor, CL-3 and CL-4 floor standers, and the CLC center channel speaker.  The Classico line is available in Ash Black, or Cherry. My review sample arrived in a high quality, attractive Black Ash finish, as did the CLS-10 subwoofer.


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