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Anthony Gallo Acoustics A’Diva SE Loudspeakers & TR-3D Subwoofer Review Print E-mail
Friday, 06 June 2014
Article Index
Anthony Gallo Acoustics A’Diva SE Loudspeakers & TR-3D Subwoofer Review
Set Up and Listening

The TR-3D subwoofer is cylindrically shaped with a 300 watt Class D amplifier on board. It features a bass equalizer that’s capable of an additional +6 dB bass boost. There are three ways to set up the TR-3D with the A’Diva satellites. The first is to simply run an interconnect from your preamp or integrated amplifier, if available, into the low level RCA input of the sub. Gallo don't actually recommend this configuration, as it runs the A’Diva’s full range, which could result in damage if pushed past their limit. The second way is to run separate speaker cables from your amp or receiver directly to the sub and sats.

A'Diva SE standThe third (and best) way, which I implemented, is to run one set of speaker cables to the TR-3D, then a second set of cables from the sub to the A’Diva satellites. This makes use of the TR-3D’s 100 Hz high pass filter. You can then dial in your sub volume and optional bass boost settings. In using this set up, I would recommend using two pairs of the same speaker cable for consistency. I was not able to, but I used two sets of high quality cable commensurate in price with the whole set up. From the amps to the sub, I ran DH Labs Odyssey, and from the sub to the sats, Transparent The Wave.

Set Up & Listening

Along with the subwoofer set up, detailed below, the only other thing I had to do was assemble the stands and attach the A’Diva satellites to them. These stands allow tweaking the sphere's position to your taste with a clever swivel mechanism. I used several sources, including a Squeezebox Touch with a CLONES Audio Sheva DAC, and a Simaudio MiND 180 streamer with several DACs. The A’Divas were placed exactly where my Harbeth Compact 7 ES3s normally reside. Amplification included a McIntosh MA6600 and a Roksan Kandy A2, both excellent integrated amplifiers.

It took a few days to get everything gelling and dialed in. But when I did, I was treated to a presentation that completely threw me for a loop. To be quite honest, I wondered how these small spheres were going to fill my room with full, lifelike sound. I need not have worried. I was taken aback at the precision, imaging specificity, and coherence this Gallo combo produced.

I'm not a huge satellite and subwoofer enthusiast, but I quickly became a believer. I heard no discontinuity, no disconnect, and no disembodied sound. I mean none whatsoever. The amount of midrange and high frequency detail coming through the sats was startling, and it sat on a bed of incredibly precise mid and lower bass that started and stopped on a dime.

Instruments like strings, piano, and vocals simply seemed to be disconnected from any speaker enclosure, baffle, or driver. The music was free floating, like I could walk on to some imaginary stage and touch the performers. I heard depth and separation of instruments on old, familiar recordings like Donovan’s Greatest Hits, where tracks like “Season Of The Witch” and “Mellow Yellow” were so free flowing, despite their mid 60’s vintage. 


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