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Sharp Aquos LC-30HV6U 30-inch LCD HDTV Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 May 2004
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Sharp Aquos LC-30HV6U 30-inch LCD HDTV
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ImagePurchasing a television in this day and time is a challenge that leaves most consumers in a quandary. A decade ago, you simply entered an electronics retailer and gazed down an aisle of televisions that looked very much the same as one another, with the exception of size and price. You were confronted with few decisions and your risks were minimal. Today, you need to do your research and the risks can be high with technology that’s moving even faster than the changing seasons. There are several television display categories to choose from. There are television projectors for those looking for dramatically large images, commanding price tags from $4,000 to $60,000.

There are basic CRT sets that range from a 20-inch 4:3 that can be had for a mere $100 to state-of-the-art HD-ready sets that range in sizes up to 70 inches and can cost up to $7,000 and beyond.

Something that all of these big-screen CRT TVs have in common is that they all take up a large amount of floor space. From this space concern comes the emergence of the somewhat futuristic and, until a few years back, seemingly impossible flat-screen TV. This ultra-cool design can be hung on the wall like a picture and has freed up endless possibilities for decorating living rooms around the world.

The Sharp LC-30HV6U is a 16:9 aspect ratio, 30-inch LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) television that measures 30-5/32 inches wide by 24 inches tall and a remarkable three inches in depth. The display weighs 34.5 pounds and has a retail price of $4,500. It is HDTV-compatible and capable of displaying XGA resolutions of 1280 x 768.
Unless you’ve recently awakened from a cryogenic freeze, you’ve experienced the splendor of flat panel displays. The most familiar is the plasma display. From a distance, the LCD and plasma technology appear similar to one another, but there are many differences. Initially, the most obvious similarity is the price, with LCD displays costing slightly more. Additionally, plasma displays are available in larger sizes with the largest of today reaching to 80 inches in soon to be released versions. LCDs are currently limited to 55 inches and below, most falling beneath 40 inches. There are several points that differentiate the two technologies. Plasma displays are very power-hungry when compared to LCD displays. Additionally, LCD displays have a much less reflective face, allowing for better viewing in heavily-lit rooms. LCDs aren't nearly as heavy or as fragile as plasmas, making them a great choice for those looking for moderately sized displays.

The Sharp LC-30HV6U 30 is visually striking, with its shiny silver exterior and black accent band around the actual display window. It is capable of viewing angles of up to 170 degrees both vertically and horizontally, making it ideal for viewing in almost every possible room configuration. The Sharp LCD has a bottom-mounted speaker that is removable, which makes it work well in home theater installations where external A/V sound systems are used and the minimal approach is desired. This allows the form factor to be at its absolute minimum. And perhaps its coolest feature, a Sharp original with LCDs, a separate A/V hub that is connected to the display via a 10-inch umbilical, reducing the amount of cable that needs to be run to the display. This feature is available in some plasmas today, yet is absent from most LCD displays. Without this feature, you would need to run a multitude of cables to the display, making for a difficult installation in wall-mount applications.

This video hub provides two PLL synthesized tuners, allowing you to watch two programs side by side, and a plethora of available connections, including DVI input for best resolution with compatible sources, two component video inputs, four S-Video inputs, four composite video inputs, four RCA audio inputs and a 15-pin D-Sub for computer and high-definition connection. For outputs, the LC-30HV6U provides four S-Video outputs and two RCA audio outputs. The Sharp LC-30HV6U comes with a table stand for those simply looking for a flat table-mounted display. Wall-mount brackets are sold separately and should be discussed with your retailer for best results.

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