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Darwin Cables Review

There is one thing that all high end audio components require to function as a system, and that is signal and power cables. No getting around it. Of course, there is no market ...

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Audioengine HD3 Powered Speakers & DAC Review

Multi-function powered speakers are all the rage in 2017, and no other company has been more at the forefront than Audioengine. They have been making affordable, great sounding, and versatile powered monitors since 2005, along ...

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Bryston BCD-3 CD Player Review

Canadian heavy hitters Bryston surprised everyone a few years ago with their introduction of a speaker line, which now, after wide acceptance and a slew of positive reviews, are considered class leaders in ...

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Okki Nokki RCM-II Record Cleaning Machine

At the beginning of the year, a good friend called me over to his garage and surprised me with a gift of around 500 vintage vinyl records he had little patience to deal with. ...

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Black Rhodium Foxtrot Speaker and Symphony Interconnect Cables

There have never been more purveyors of audio cables marketed to the audiophile community than there are currently. New companies appear monthly, and at every audio show there are new smiling faces displaying ...

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Sonore microRendu Ethernet to USB Streamer Review

In 2016 network file players and streamers are king. This is because just about everyone who has done comparisons has found that mass produced, consumer grade, off the shelf computers are not state of ...

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Intona High Speed USB Isolator Review

It is no secret that digital audio transmitted via USB is not perfect. USB was never intended for high performance audio, but eventually overtook S/PDIF as the most common connection method. Virtually ...

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Bryston BDP-2 Server and BDA-3 DAC Review

There has never been a better time to be a fan of high end digital audio. Audiophiles and non audiophiles alike can spend as little as a few hundred dollars for high quality ...

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Wireworld Signal and Power Cable Review

I had the good fortune to review Wireworld digital cables last month. I say “good fortune” because their AES/EBU and USB cables improved the performance of both my systems in ...

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CLONES Audio Asher DAC Review

CLONES Audio, based in Hong Kong, has been one of my favorite small, artisanal hifi purveyors for a few years now. I was turned on to CLONES Audio by some very knowing ears. ...

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Wireworld Digital Cables Review

Wireworld has been making audiophile grade cables for decades now, and the company’s products have been on my “to investigate” list for several years. This is for a number ...

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Marantz HD-AMP1 Integrated Amplifier & DSD DAC Review

Marantz has been on a serious winning streak with their recent line of SACD players/DAC combos, streamers, receivers, home theater line, and stand alone DAC models. Especially the HD-DAC1 DSD DAC headphone ...

The Best New Audio Products Of 2015 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Image2015 was an excellent year for audiophile-class gear. New products are more affordable and more feature-laden than ever before. Here, in no particular order, are our top ten favorite new audio products for 2015:


The iFi USB 3.0

The iFi USB 3.0 is one of the most versatile and effective computer audio products we have come across. It cleans up, re-clocks, and regenerates the USB signal for ultra low noise and jitter. Used with the iFI Gemini USB cable it is superb.


Rogue RP-5

This new Rogue preamp is breakthrough product for the company long known for high value, made in the USA tube gear. It may very well be one of the sweetest sounding tube preamplifiers in it’s price range that we know of. 


Tisbury Audio Mini Passive II

(Our Review)

The Mini Passive II is simply a stone cold bargain. It offers a pride of ownership, versatility, and
transparent sound that is hard to believe at under $250.  For those that only require volume control and source selection in high gain systems, this is what you need.


Auralic Aries Mini


I have heard the Auralic Aries Mini on several occasions and for those who want to set up a high quality streamer that plays all file types and resolutions, with lots of current technology, this is a good place to start. It’s classic Apple like styling is a huge plus.  A Tidal subscription is currently included with purchase.


UpTone Audio REGEN


Like the iFI iUSB 3.0, the REGEN without question improves USB audio by reducing the load on your DAC. It is not difficult to hear the improvements to the presentation when it is in the signal chain. Highly recommended.



(Our Review)

The RGIENR35 is simply one of the cleanest, musically satisfying integrated amplifiers we have come across anywhere near it’s price point. It can drive the most difficult speaker loads, and when paired with quintessentially hard to drive Magnepan speakers it barely broke a sweat.


Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL 2.0

(Our Review)

Linear Tube Audio has brought back a classic David Berning design and improved it. This tubed headphone/preamp is a steal at $1100 and is a pure joy to use.  Super quiet, and tons of midrange magic.



(Our Review)

The ISO-CAT6 LAN filter is one of our favorite computer audio enhancements of the year. It works exactly as advertised, despite a healthy skeptical attitude prior to putting it into use. Consider it an essential add on to your networked audio set up.


Denon HEOS

(Our Review)

The Denon HEOS wireless music system is so easy to set up, so versatile, and fairly priced, it is a no brainer for those looking for a modern distributed audio system. The control app is solid, and sonics are on par with competing systems.


Marantz HD-DAC1

This Marantz DSD DAC, headphone amp, and preamplifier is off the charts high value, and is built like nobody’s business. It is a minor miracle at $799. Sonics are amazingly satisfying and the feature set is impressive. Classic Marantz styling is icing on the cake.

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