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Wednesday, 01 December 2004
Article Index's Top 100 of 2004
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60. Revel Studio loudspeakers
Physically smaller than the Salons, the Revel Studios get very groovy for way less money than their bigger sisters.

59. Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature amp
Powered by Bob Carver’s tracking downconverter amp technology, this amp packs 400 watts times five for a price that makes the ultra-high end guys jealous. Some AR reviewers use this amp along with a high-end stereo amp in $100k-plus systems because its smooth sound and reserve of power can easily keep up.

58. Richard Gray's Power Company 1200s and SubStation
Ben Shyman learned to love the combo of the lauded RGPC 1200s and the new Substation to cure his Manhattan AC power maladies.

57. Velodyne Digital Drive Series DD-12 subwoofer
Velodyne was one of the first to the market with a self-correcting EQed subwoofer that is reasonably affordable.

56. Transparent Power Isolator
Ed Masterson and Bryan Southard swear that this unsung hero is one of the best AC power devices on the market.

55. Ultralink HDMI digital video cable
The HDMI spec allows for HD video, high-resolution audio and system control on one cable. Ultralink is a leader in high-performance, reliable HDMI cable.

54. Meridian G98 DVD player
If you were thinking of splurging on one component for your home theater that plays sultry music and dynamic soundtracks, the G98 is the choice.

53. Marantz VP-12S3 DLP projector
A number of top AV installers repeatedly tell us that this is their DLP of choice. Tom Garcia agrees.

52. Definitive Technology 7002 Bipolar Super Towers
We wouldn’t call these speakers “bi-polar” in terms of their personality, unless you were talking about how well they play back rock music and thunderous movie soundtracks.

51. RBH Signature Series speakers
In the world of ultimate speakers, RBH simply doesn’t get enough credit for making fine speakers that compete with MartinLogan, Revel, Linn and even their neighbor Wilson. In terms of speed and dynamics, RBH’s Signature speakers get it done.

50. MartinLogan Montage speakers
Unlike any MartinLogans ever released, Montages have the ability to blend into modern rooms with ease and playback home theater material better than past models at a lower price.

49. Linn Sondek LP12 turntable
The first and last turntable AVR will ever review. The player is so finely tuned and over-engineered that it can bring a dead audio format literally back to life right before your ears. AVR editor Bryan Southard can’t stop going into San Francisco to buy used LPs each weekend.

48. Rotel RDV 1060 DVD player
Smooth industrial design is the sexy dress on this hard-body DVD player.

47. Krell HTS 7.1 AV preamp
Sexy-looking, with features and sound to go along with it, the Krell HTS 7.1 allows for a no-compromise audio guy to make the move to home theater without selling out on his audiophile roots.

46. Linn CD12 CD player
Most likely the best dedicated CD player ever built. Linn is selling the last 50 units of this limited edition player in 2005.

45. Marantz DV8400 universal player
This player is a high-end DVD player masquerading as a mid-priced universal player. Built like a tank and truly a value.

44. Krell FPB 350 MCx power amp
These mono block amps are the makings of a high-end audio dream come true. Krell amps might have the best bass performance of any amp on the market.

43. Sunfire Ultimate Receiver
What more mainstream receivers lack is seven channels of beefy Bob Carver power and the ease of use of the Sunfire Theater Grand III AV preamp all in one chassis.

42. Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ Signature
Sunfire invented the small sub and now have the tools to make it perform better in your room.

41. Lexicon MC12 AV preamp
At $10,000, the MC12 is an expensive AV preamp by anyone’s measure, but its studio-inspired sound and rock-solid stability wins over fans quickly.


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