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Marantz M-CR611 Network CD Receiver Review Print E-mail
Monday, 26 October 2015
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Marantz M-CR611 Network CD Receiver Review

My complaints are few, but should be noted. I thought the Marantz app was a bit sluggish, and it could use some updating. I preferred to use Audionet for basic music control, but the Marantz app lets you actually control the M-CR611 specifically, with volume up/down/mute, input selection, etc. Therefore, it would be nice if it was improved. The only other complaint was that the front panel did not display resolution or filetype when streaming from my NAS, only track time elapsed. The Marantz app, however, did display file type and resolution.

I was able to use the Bluetooth function with no issues with several devices including, an iPhone 6 an iPad Air, and a Mac Book Pro. Albums on the devices local iTunes library can be streamed to the M-CR611. In my case I had a bunch of CD rips in AIFF that played just fine. I was also able to plug both an iPhone and iPad directly into the front panel via the device’s own Lightning/USB cable. The sound via this setup was extremely satisfying; as good as the same file streamed via the network in my estimation.

So abundant are the features on the M-CR611 I was not able to test them all. For instance, I currently have no in-house digital optical sources, so using the unit as an external DAC was not possible. I also did not hook up an additional set of speakers. I should note there is a Pre Amp Out for driving active speakers or a subwoofer as well.


The super fun and easy-to-use Marantz M-CR611 network receiver is the Hifi console of our time. Much smaller, much more capable, and far more ergonomic. You want to stream music from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Mac Book, Windows PC, NAS, Spotify, or Pandora? Got you covered. With a 60 wpc amplifier, remote control, and a built in CD player as well. The big bonus is the M-CR611 sounds great, As I type this I have a Grateful Dead soundboard recording from 1977 in FLAC streaming from my library wirelessly and and I could not be more satisfied.

At $699, the Marantz M-CR611 is a nice bargain. It is fully loaded with features modern listeners crave, and it is pretty future proof from my perspective. It produces fine, balanced sound that I had a hard time finding fault with. There are dozens of speakers in the same price range as the M-CR611 that would be a terrific match. Your only other expenditure is a pair of speaker cables, and you are off and running. For those seeking a plug and play audio entertainment solution, the Marantz M-CR611 is highly recommended.


Marantz CR-611 Network Receiver: $699

  • 60W x 2ch (6 ohms THD10%)
  • Air Play on board.
  • Online Music Service Spotify Connect, Pandora(NA), Sirius XM Internet(NA), QQ music (CN), Internet Radio
  • Computer/NAS music file streaming (DLNA1.5)
  • Plays CD, WMA/MP3(CD-R/RW)
  • Built in Wi-Fi network module and built in diversity antenna.
  • Bluetooth with NFC.

Review System 1

Server: Bryston BDP-2
DAC: Bryston BDA-1, iFI Micro iDSD w/ iUSB 3.0
Tape Deck: Revox A77
Preamp: Coffman Labs G1-A, CIAudio PLC-1 MKII
Amplifier: Audio Research VS55, Simaudio 760A
Speaker: Thiel CS2.4, Bryston Mini T
Cables: Stager Sound, Acoustic Zen, Element Cable, DH Labs
Accessories: Symposium Rollerblocks and Svelte Shelves, Shakti Stone, Bryston BIT-15, Salamander rack

Review System 2

Music Server: SOtM sMS-100 w/ Battery XPS,
DAC: iFi Micro iDSD w/iUSB 3.0
Integrated Amplifier: McIntosh MA6600
Power Amplifier: CLONES Audio 25p
Tape Deck: Sony TC-350
Speaker: Harbeth Compact 7ES3
Cables: Stager Sound, Transparent, DH Labs
Accessories: Cable Pro Noisetrapper, Sound Anchors Stands, Audience aR6

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