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Wednesday, 01 June 2005
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Sony PSP
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The Downside
There are so many things that are right with the PSP that it’s very hard to pick fault with it. One flaw that comes to mind is, when playing the unit with the headphones in and/or the AC adapter plugged in, the cords attach along the bottom of the unit on each side (the headphones on the left and the AC adapter to the right). These cords can get in the way of your thumbs and can be a little distracting. I also found the battery cover on the back to be a little tricky to open.

As stunning and clear as the 4.3 inch widescreen screen is, watching an entire two-plus-hour movie can be a little taxing on the eyes. It can also be taxing on the neck if you are holding the PSP in your lap while on a plane or car ride. There are companies making aftermarket stands that allow the PSP to be set back at an angle that make viewing easier, but I did not test any of these units, as I wanted to see the PSP’s performance right out of the box.

The front of the PSP is very shiny and can easily get fingerprints on it, making it look pretty ugly. If you are a neat freak, you’ll want to be sure to clean your hands off after eating when playing the PSP to help avoid this problem. Good luck explaining this to your kids. A small cloth is provided to clean off the screen. You can alternatively carefully use a soft lint-free cloth or a cotton shirt to clean it off as well.

The PSP is a very fragile game system and it can easily be scratched or broken. A very ugly but important faux leather strap is included for the user to put around his or her wrist. This gives the owner a fighting chance if the PSP is accidentally dropped while holding it, but the fact that a black gaming system comes with an ugly white strap seems strange. Perhaps the thinking was to match the white ear phones but, by that theory, the power cord should be white, too. It’s a very small thing to nitpick, but this game system is very close to being perfect and a black wrist strap is something I wish it had. Aftermarket wrist straps are also available should you not dig the white one.

Conclusion: How the PSP Has Made My Life Better
Just a few days ago, my car needed its 50,000 mile servicing, so I headed down to my local car dealer. I figured this would be a great real world test for the PSP. The car servicing was going to take about three hours and I didn’t have a ride home. I grabbed the PSP, put it in its protective neoprene travel case and tossed it in my car with the headphones, a few games and movies and the AC adapter, just in case the battery wasn’t going to make it.

In the dealership’s service waiting room, I looked on the end tables at the stacks of tattered magazines and newspapers that I would normally thumb through. I sat down, put the headphone cord in and powered up the PSP. You’ll need to know that kids that will flock to you and want to either see what you are playing or watching and some will even be so bold as to ask if they can play, too. This wasn’t a big problem as it was 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning, but I saw a few young eyes glaring at me in the waiting room as if to say, “When is it my turn?”

As I played golf, baseball, watched a few movie clips and listened to a song or two, the entertainment was flowing as was the sand through the hourglass. Before I knew it, the service tech tapped me on the shoulder in the middle of the fifth inning of my second baseball game of the day and informed me that my car was done. I took one of the most mundane tasks of sitting around and waiting for my car to be serviced and turned it into an opportunity to catch many of the great scenes from the beautiful and epic martial arts movie “Hero” (Miramax) and to add two more wins to my Dodgers 2005 season that I am playing out on the PSP. Long story short, it ended up being three of the fastest hours of my life that could have been among the longest. Sure, I could have read a book or listened to an iPod to pass the time, but with the PSP, the wait is much more compelling.

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