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Wireworld Signal and Power Cable Review Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 June 2016
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Wireworld Signal and Power Cable Review
System One
System Two

Finally, an album I just recently discovered, The Price You Gotta Pay To Be Free, by the great Cannonball Adderley, was a joy to behold with the Wireworld loom in place. The album found one of the great jazz legends of his time branching out into rock, funk, blues, and psychedelia, a real mind blowing work. The system was up to the task of producing a coherent and cohesive performance, as the album was a mix of studio and live performances that transition smoothly.
Holy smokes, what a trip. The electric piano, percussion, electric bass and, of course, saxophone all had distinct areas in the mix, but gelled as one. note: I would like give a shout out to the Mini Eclipse 7 speaker, cable, which national Sales Manager Larry Smith told me was one of his favorites in the line in terms of price-to-performance. I have to agree totally. In both systems, it was maybe the best all overall performer considering the price. It really is the sweetheart of the speaker line. The Eclipse 7 provided a hint more refinement, but the Mini really held its own. Highly recommended as a significant step up from many cables I have heard in this price range.


Slight postscript: I attended T.H.E. SHOW at Newport this year and sat in on Wireworld’s “Cable Polygraph” tests. The trick was to stay objective and not to be swayed by any positive opinions of Wireworld products, or Larry Smith and David Salz, two extremely nice gentlemen. The bottom line is that Wireworld, and other cables are compared to “no cable” via a custom hook scheme that couples the amplifier directly to the speaker. It was clear that the Wireworld cables fared well in this demonstration -- it was the closest sounding to “no cable” which, in theory, cannot be improved. I felt compelled to report on this because the sonics I heard in the room were very similar to what I experienced at home, despite unfamiliar gear, save for a Bryston file player.


Wireworld digital and analog cables are among the best I have used in my two systems. I have had some excellent sounding cables take residence here, like those from ZenWave and, on the extreme budget side, those from SVS. As a total system, Wireworld products are a superb investment, in that the entire loom was designed to suppress noise, reduce distortion, and do less harm to the signal. This is simply what my ears told me.

As a consumer-based company, Wireworld has few peers. They have no issues providing internal looks into their products, offering comparison charts, and products at several price points from entry level and beyond. All pricing is available on their website as well, which I really like to see. Most importantly, the cables sound great, and are made to the highest standards. If shopping for cables to show your system in the most accurate light, put Wireworld signal, power, and digital cables on a short list. By all means compare to other brands as well. My feeling is that Wireworld are among the most uncolored audiophile cables I have come across.

Review System 1

DAC: Bryston BDA-3, CLONES Audio Asher
Server: Bryston BDP-2
Tape Deck: Revox A77, Revox B77
Preamp: Aric Audio Unlimited
Amplifier: Audio Research VS55, Simaudio 760A
Speaker: Bryston Mini T
Cables: Acoustic Zen, Element Cable, DH Labs, iFi
Accessories: Symposium Rollerblocks and Svelte Shelves, Shakti Stone, Bryston BIT-15, Salamander rack

Review System 2

Music Server: SOtM sMS-100 w/ Battery XPS, Sonore microRendu
Preamp: Aric Audio Expression, Belles Soloist 3
DAC/Streamer: Simaudio 280D w MiND
Power Amplifier: Onkyo M5000R
Tape Deck: Sony TC-350
Speaker: Magnepan MMG, Spendor S35R
Cables: DH Labs, Transparent
Accessories: Cable Pro Noisetrapper, iFi iPower, Audience aR6

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