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Intona High Speed USB Isolator Review Print E-mail
Monday, 01 August 2016
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Intona High Speed USB Isolator Review

There are a few options as well. The case can be ordered in black, in a resin hardened case for more challenging environments, and you can choose a solid LED light over a blinking one to indicate high speed transfer. Mine was requested with a solid LED.  Intonta designed the Isolator for a number of applications, including:

  • Industrial automation systems
  • Measurement devices
  • Environments requiring safety insulation
  • Machine protection
  • Broadcast and Studio
  • Audiophile-grade home systems  
  • All applications requiring clean and stable USB connections with separate grounds

Set Up & Listening

The Intona was used in the main system between a Bryston BDP-2 server and BDA-3 DAC. An iFI Gemini USB cable ran from the BDP-2 into the Intona, then a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable ran from the Intona into the BDA-3. That was it. The intona is hub powered, so no other considerations came into play. After that I picked up my iPad Air and selected music, as I would any other day.

I was a surprised that I heard an immediate improvement. Normally, it takes some time to determine if what one is hearing is just different, or really is better when using any sort of USB enhancement device. I also wanted to make absolutely sure that I was not suffering from positive expectation bias. After going back and forth for weeks with the Intona in the signal path, I was convinced I was enjoying the sound more with the Intona in tow. I even briefly used it with the wonderful CLONES Audio Asher DAC to see if I would get the same results, and I did.

I listened to recordings of all genres and vintages over the review period to see if the Intona was consistent regardless file type and resolution. It was. It made long listening sessions that much easier, and never called attention to itself. In fact, when removed from the system, it was noticeable immediately. It was the same music, but a bit of delicacy and nuance disappeared.

For the first time, I felt that USB out of the Bryston BDP-2 sounded as good as AES/EBU, This really was great news as, although the AES/EBU input on the BDA-3 DAC allows for optional upsampling, it cannot pass on DSD, and with about a thousand ripped DSD albums ripped from SACDs to DSF in my library, USB is essential.

Itona USB highspeed isolator


I admit to previously not being totally in love with USB audio. It always sounded fine for a while, then inevitably I would notice an artifice that became annoying. AES/EBU seemed to sound more natural to my ears. But in the past year or so, with devices like the iFI iUSB 3.0 and others, and with properly terminated and spec’d USB cables, I no longer feel it is a compromise. To be fair, DAC designers have greatly improved their USB inputs and and there are more and more devices coming to market with higher quality USB outputs.

Ultimately, you want your source and DAC to communicate with a clean signal path, but you do not want the source to pass on any jitter, noise, or other artifacts which will detract from musical enjoyment. The Intona High Speed USB Isolator is a device that does exactly that by creating a new USB stream and isolating your source and DAC from each other. I can’t think of a single negative about the Intona device. Without a doubt it improved the sound of my system, not just changed it. While it is not as cheap as several other similar devices, it is made in Germany and does not require a power supply.

Highly, highly recommended.


Intona High Speed USB Isolator: ~$360 USD (shipped from Germany)

Review System 1

Preamp: Aric Audio Unlimited
Amplifier: Audio Research VS55, Simaudio 760A
Speaker:  Bryston Mini T
Cables:, Wireworld, iFi
Accessories: Symposium Rollerblocks and Svelte Shelves, Shakti Stone, Bryston BIT-15, Salamander rack

Review System 2

Music Server: Sonore microRendu
Preamp: Aric Audio Expression
DAC/Streamer: Simaudio 280D
Power Amplifier: Onkyo M5000R
Tape Deck: Sony TC-350
Speaker: Magnepan MMG, Spendor S35R
Cables: Wireworld
Accessories: Cable Pro Noisetrapper, iFi iPower, Audience aR6

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