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Weizhi PRS-6 Power Distributor Review Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 March 2011

ImageAsk audiophiles what the most difficult part of a system to control is, and many will probably answer the power supply. A few decades ago, such a response would be rare and likely viewed with great suspicion. Slowly, folks began accepting the premise that clean and consistent power was a logical first step toward higher fidelity. The problem was how to get it. In most households, the battle to share power never stops. Toasters and microwave ovens joust with clock radios and TVs and hair dryers and more, all putting demands on the AC power supply. Take a look at all the appliances and devices plugged into your outlets and you'll quickly understand why power conditioners and distributors were developed. Then consider that you share power with neighbors who have their own devices plugged into the grid and the problem becomes more apparent. Any self-respecting chef would never begin a dish without the very best ingredients, but for economic reasons some of us have to choose between saffron and turmeric. One is the real deal; the other an approximation. And that analogy I found myself repeating during my time with the Weizhi PRS-6 Power Distributor at the head of my audio system. What I thought I knew about my home kit was just partly true. The PRS-6 showed me it's better.

Background and Design

I recently reviewed the Aaron no.1.a integrated amplifier for, and I was loathe to return it as it proved one of the most musical machines I've heard. When I spoke with Aaudio Imports' Brian Ackerman (, who provided me with the amp, he raved about another product that he was carrying – the Weizhi PRS-6 Power Distributor. Weizhi is a high-end electronic manufacturer based in Taiwan that makes, among other things, isolation feet, LP clamps and cable stabilizers. The PRS-6 is relatively new to North America, and it has something of a steep hill to climb carrying a $3,200 price tag, but as I listened to Ackerman sing its praises I decided to give it a spin.  

The PRS-6 is a nearly 8-pound Duralumin "brick" outfitted with a carbon fiber cover. Duralumin is a an aluminum alloy composed also of copper, magnesium and manganese. It is very hard and highly corrosion resistant, and its applications run across industries including aircraft and defense. Within this alloyed chassis sit six custom Oyaide R1 receptacles. The R1s are designed and made specifically for audio applications. These non-magnetic receptacles are reinforced with top-grade plating and very strong mounting brackets. Online, they sell separately for around $150 each. A Furutech FI-09G IEC en inlet ensures a secure grip to your choice of power cable.  

Some power conditioners work by filtering incoming power, striving to reduce and remove line noise before it enters the audio chain. Such action can actually introduce colorations into the system, sort of trading one unwanted guest for another. The PRS-6 is a passive “conditioner,” relying instead on its chassis and inner materials, such as a graphite ground, to absorb and eliminate noisy artifacts and vibration in the power transfer process. A nanotech treatment, engineered to prevent RF and EMI interferences, is applied to the Weizhi's inner and outer surfaces as an additional safeguard. Ackerman suggested giving the PRS-6 about 100 hours of burn in before serious listening, but I couldn't help "peaking" after a few hours. Looking back at my initial notes, I scribbled, "Even if this isn't burned in, there's an immediate improvement in bass, midrange and treble. It's like the music is flowing out of the speakers with a George Foreman-like punch. There's lots of presence."

Weizhi opened

It Ain't Easy Being Neutral

Good power products are notable for what they don't do – noticeably affect or change the sound of recording. The highest compliment to the PRS-6 I can offer is that it makes everything better by passing on the power and getting out of the way. It's sort of like the first time I watched an NFL game on high definition. Even though I had seen countless games before – and been to my share of live events – I was seeing something that was new. The clarity and detail were astonishing compared to old analog broadcasts.  

It doesn't take a golden set of ears to hear the difference when the Weizhi's in a system. Music opens and breathes in a different dimension. Everything is more immediate, substantial and detailed. There's a sense of power without any strain. Components that might have a slight hiccup here and there are golden-throated, singing in their purest voices. It improves everything by not pushing its own personality into the mix, while it reigns in any temptation that a component might have to go slightly over the top just to be heard. One obvious area of improvement is the utter silence from which music emerges. This is the “black background” so beloved in audio circles; what I found with the PRS-6 is that music just seemed to come forth naturally and organically, as if nothing was even there.  

One might think that a $3,200 power conditioner needs a very upscale power cable for peak performance. This may be so, but the PRS-6 had obvious sonic benefits with even a generic $10, 16-gauge cord. Swapping that out with my RS Audio Kevlar Starchord ($179) brought better dimension and scale to everything. Eventually, I settled in with Voodoo Cable's Fire Dragon Power Cord ($550). This cryogenic-treated 8 AWG cable looks like something from the Amazon wilds, but it worked beautifully with the Weizhi, bringing an even better sense of soundstage and transparency. And that's where the PRS-6 fully shines – in its effortless transparency. Plug any component in and hear it; truly hear it.
Final Thoughts

Once you hear what your components can do when given the freedom, it's difficult to return to the old way. The Weizhi made me rethink what a power distributor can do. It's not an accessory or “tweak,” it's a component in its own right and is like getting an instant upgrade across an entire audio system. It's a game changer and highly recommended.

System Setup

Grant Fidelity A-348 Integrated Tube Amplifier
Cary Audio CD 500 CD Player
Emotiva Audio ERC-1 CD Player
Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 turntable
Parasound Zphono Preamplifier
Snell Type K loudspeakers
PENAUDIO Rebel 3 loudspeakers
Weizhi PRS-6 Power Distributor
Voodoo Cable Fire Dragon Power Cable
RS Audio Cables Kevlar Starchord Power Cable
RS Audio Cables Illume Silver Interconnects
RS Audio Cables Illume Silver Loudspeaker Cables

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