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Monster HTPS 7000 Home Theater Reference Power Source Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2005
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Monster HTPS 7000 Home Theater Reference Power Source
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ImageEnergy is a hot topic these days. From record oil prices to hybrid cars, it seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. What sometimes is forgotten is how antiquated and archaic the American power grid is. From corrupt companies like Enron ripping off California consumers to the frequent “brown-outs” that plague grids all over the nation, our AC power really isn’t that consistent when you get down to it. Some critics say it doesn’t affect your home theater system. They are crazy. Voltage dips, brown-outs and other AC maladies can cook top performing home theater gear in the worst cases. In better but fully unacceptable circumstances, bad AC power simply robs you of the measured performance you paid for in your TV, electronics and beyond.

Enter Monster Cable, which has been making cables and power correction systems for more than 20 years and is a trusted name in the home theater industry. The Monster Home Theater Reference PowerSource retails for $1,295. Visually, the HTPS7000 looks like a big amplifier. The black steel chassis sports a silver and black aluminum faceplate. All the LED displays and status indicators for the outlets are located on the front face. Monster employs a rainbow of colors for the various LEDs, which livens up the appearance of the unit from the standard, sterile look of some A/V equipment. The large oval LED display communicates incoming voltage and current, the menu settings and the status of the system. Four buttons are also present to provide convenient access to the settings of the system. All the color-coded outlets, fuses and inputs are arranged in the back of the unit.

At five-and-quarter inches tall, 17 inches wide and 14 inches deep, this device is easily accommodated in a standard rack system. Risers with rubber feet are provided to allow for flat placement as well. Like an amplifier, this baby is hefty at 44 pounds, so use caution when moving this behemoth around. No fans are present, so the HTPS7000 operates very quietly and only a very faint hum can be heard as the unit is powered up.
Why do I need power correction?
Power arrives to your home in the form of a sine wave of alternating current (AC). The wave’s amplitude or height is measured in volts (120 volts in the U.S.A.). The AC wave oscillates from positive 120V to negative 120V at a frequency of 60 cycles per second. In an ideal world, this wave would come into your home perfectly smooth and at exactly 120V. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, this never happens. Instead, outside factors, such as electric motors and solid-state electronics found in many household appliances, can add interference to this AC wave. This annoying interference and noise can come from other houses on your street or from within your own house and will degrade the sound of your AV system.

Interference will add unwanted properties to your power. Audible sounds such as hum, buzz and hiss can be heard from components with bad power. Amplifiers can be robbed of precious peak power if the wave has been clipped or distorted from bad power. This can cause the speaker diaphragm to react incorrectly, resulting in an unwanted coloration due to dynamic compression. Video performance is also affected. I have witnessed improvements in video performance with all the major power correction brands, making power correction products essential for anyone who has either a significant investment in video or anyone who is looking for improved performance.

Most people are aware that lightning strikes can cause damage to electrical equipment. The HTPS7000 is also an excellent surge protector and will protect your home theater equipment from the wrath of Mother Nature. Monster’s Tri-Mode circuitry has surge/spike capacity of 3145 joules. How sure are they about this protection? Monster is putting their wallet where their mouth is by providing a warrantee to your equipment for repair or replacement up to $750,000. That is enough to protect the best of the best in terms of today’s home theater systems.


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