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Friday, 04 June 2010 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Splice (2010)
"Was this ever about science?" Adrien Brody's character, Clive Nicoli, asks Elsa, played by Sarah Polley, in Vincenzo Natali's newest film Splice. I would like to pose the same question to director Natali and his co-writers Antoinette Terry Bryant and Doug Taylor. Was this movie ever meant to be about science? Because I have to wonder why a film so ostensibly about science spends its runtime doing nothing but showing complete contempt for it. Natali and his cohorts take an interesting premise and run it straight into the ground, without regard for character, plot, or yes, science itself. Clive and Elsa are in love. They're also biochemists (so we're told) who run a lab called "NERD" (seriously) and have developed two new organisms called Fred and Ginger using an amalgam of DNA from other species. The purpose of Fred and Ginger (who look ...
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Friday, 07 May 2010 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Iron Man 2 (2010)
There's been a long standing belief that movie sequels are never as good as their predecessors. Sure, every so often there are a few standouts that buck the trend,The Godfather, Part II, Terminator 2, and so on. But those serve more as the exception that proves the rule than any sort of lasting argument. But there is one area where first sequels tend to be consistently better than the films that spawned them: Comic book movies. As far back as Superman II, comic book sequels have been giving their predecessors a run for their money. This can be very clearly seen with the modern run of comic book films. X-Men II, Spider-Man 2, and The Dark Knight are just a few of the second films that outdo the first. And so, with Iron Man doing unexpectedly ...
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Friday, 30 April 2010 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
In the 70's, Wes Craven was on the fringes of the horror scene, making hard to swallow gritty tales like The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes (both of which have seen modern day remakes). In 1984, however, Craven presented the world with a new vision. Gone were the rapists and inbred murderers. In their place stood a single man, burned and scarred, with a bladed glove that would become his trademark. The man was Freddy Krueger, and the film was A Nightmare On Elm St. The movie, while also low budget, centered on regular high school teens, and had the unique concept that Freddy killed them in their dreams. The film was a hit, spawning all sorts of sequels and spin-offs. More than that, it was a genuinely scary and creative slice of horror that still carries an impact today. Now, ...
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Friday, 23 April 2010 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
The Losers (2010)
It's no secret that comic book movies are big bucks today. In fact, the genre has become so popular that any comic-related property is on the fast track to the silver screen. At this point, studios are so eager to jump on the bandwagon that they will grab any comic, regardless of whether or not the general public has heard of it or could even recognize its origins. Such is the case with The Losers. While the film is based on a Vertigo comic, you'd never know it by watching the film, which aims to be another balls to the wall action extravaganza.The Losers opens with a ragtag military unit disobeying orders when they are given the kill command to a South American compound that includes children. The team saves the kids from annihilation, only to watch their efforts go up in smoke ...
Editor's rating: 
Thursday, 15 April 2010 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Kick-Ass (2010)
Comic legend Stan Lee changed the idea of superheroes forever when he created Spider-Man. While other superheroes had alter egos--mild mannered Clark Kent and millionaire Bruce Wayne, for example--none of those tended to be much more than smokescreens for their costumed identities. Spider-Man was the first superhero whose real life was just as normal as yours or mine. Geeky Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and given amazing powers, but that didn't change the fact that he still had to go to high school, and still was a nerd. Cinematically, Christopher Nolan posited the idea of what would happen if a real caped crusader began operating in a major city with Batman Begins, and expanded on that with The Dark Knight. But for all its realism, it doesn't change the fact that Bruce Wayne is still a multi-millionaire (or most ...
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