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Monday, 01 April 2002 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
Yamaha CDR-HD1000 CD Recorder
Introduction Yamaha’s new CD recorder, the CDR-HD1000 ($999), combines a CD player/recorder with a 20 GB hard drive. The hard drive is designed to enable fast copying, editing and creation of compilations. The 20 GB drive can hold approximately 30 CDs’ worth of music with no compression. That’s right, this unit, unlike the majority of CD recorder/hard drive combination units on the market, maintains the audio quality of the original source by eliminating the use of compression. In addition to using the internal CD drive as a source, it is possible to use external digital sources via the optical or coaxial inputs. The Yamaha can accept digital signals sampled at 96 kHz, 46 kHz, 44.1 kHz or 32 kHz, allowing for a wide variety of source media to be used. The Yamaha also has analog inputs and 24 bit A/D converters for analog sources. Essentially, any source can be used and the user can ...
Wednesday, 01 August 2001 ,  Written by Tim Hart
Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver
Introduction It wasn’t long ago that the advent of Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES in movie theaters gave us hardcore movie buffs another reason to make the pilgrimage to the local cineplex to hear the best in movie sound reproduction. These new audio formats for movie soundtracks improved the realism of the sounds that went along with the action, drawing us ever deeper into the sensory experience and adding another dimension that took the moviegoing audience to the next level. For those who want the ability to enjoy this experience in their own homes, it is possible to create that environment and not break the bank with Yamaha’s happening $1,999.00 RX-V3000 AV receiver. The RX-V3000 is an eight-channel receiver that has so many features, it may be easier to say what it doesn’t have than what it does. Although at first glance, the RX-V3000 looks fairly simple, that is a deception. It is second down ...
Friday, 01 September 2000 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Yamaha Multimedia Speaker System
Introduction With true convergence as the objective, Yamaha’s RP-U100 ($499) Personal Receiver is the first audio component to accept the audio signal directly from a computer (Mac or PC). It provides switching capability between the PC, a built-in AM/FM tuner and two other outboard components, such as a CD or MD player. I used the two-way acoustic suspension NS-U50 speakers ($129 per pair) that Yamaha designed specifically for the RP-U100. The YST-SW45 ($149) powered subwoofer rounded out the system. Regardless of what happens to Napster or, it is abundantly clear that our computers will be a primary gateway for distributing, receiving, collecting and storing music files. So it stands to reason that the audio systems that reproduce these files must be of a higher quality than they have been in the past. While many computers are outfitted with speakers, performance levels vary radically. Moreover, even decent speakers are limited by the computer’s internal soundcard. The ...
Saturday, 01 July 2000 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
Yamaha RX-V1 Receiver
Introduction Features, features and more features accurately describes Yamaha’s latest top of the line home theater centerpiece, the RX-V1. The $3,199 (in black) RX-V1 does much more than any other AV receiver that I know of. The not-so-short description of the features below is not exhaustive and if it is missing a feature you are looking for, don’t worry: the RX-V1 probably has it, I just ran out of space here. The Yamaha has an eight-channel amplifier; six channels at 110 watts and two effects channels at 35 watts each. The sixth channel is not for the LFE, but rather for 6.1 Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES, making this one of the first processors on the market to decode these new formats. The digital decoding circuitry in the RX-V1 is also the first to utilize Yamaha’s new 44-bit DSP, allowing for numerous sound field settings that can be used on their own or ...
Wednesday, 01 September 1999 ,  Written by Tony Kaklamanos
Yamaha DVD-S700 DVD Player
Introduction During the past few years, we've seen the A/V family tree grow and bear more fruit than ever before. Perhaps the most noticeable offspring is DVD. With new titles being born daily and the fall in player prices, how can you resist throwing down a few hundred bones and walking away with one of these babies? One thing that may be stopping you is the "price vs. feature" dilemma. At $799, the Yamaha DVD-S700 is packed full of features that may eliminate the anxiety of raising a home theater system of your own. Read on. The back panel of this unit is clear and concise, with plenty of output options as your system continues to develop and mature. These options include composite video, S-video and component video. The audio output section employs the following outputs: stereo pairs, six-channel discrete, coaxial and optical digital. If you thought you'd have to replace your existing receiver/preamps to take ...
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