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Thursday, 01 April 1999 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Philips DVX 8000 Multimedia Receiver
Introduction Perhaps, the most compelling new concept in consumer electronics is the idea of convergence; which is the integration of real-time audio, video and data. Not surprisingly, Philips Electronics, is the first manufacturer to provide a practical and cost-conscience answer to convergence, the DVX 8000 Multimedia Home Theater. The DVX 8000 is the world's only A/V preamp/tuner that also combines a DVD drive, a line doubler, and a personal computer in the same chassis. Marantz developed the audio portion, incorporating Dolby Digital and THX's ReEQ(TM) circuit. Computers have become so prevalent in our lives that the idea of integrating them with our A/V gear doesn't sound as unnatural as it might have a few years ago. The powerful on-board computer is equipped with a 233MHz Pentium MMX(TM) processor, 32 MB RAM, a 3.1 GB hard drive, and a 3.5" floppy drive plus a 33.6 KBPS modem. The DVD drive can also access CD-ROM's and ultimately ...
Sunday, 01 November 1998 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Pioneer CLD-79 CD Player
Introduction Unlike many manufacturers who are dropping laserdisc players from their product mix in favor of DVD, Pioneer still offers several models. The most notable are the three carrying the prestigious ELITE designation. Sitting firmly in the middle, is the CLD-79. While it incorporates a well designed 1-bit DLC D/A Converter (DAC), this, unfortunately, becomes irrelevant in a state-of-the art home theater. To take full advantage of Dolby Digital and DTS encoded Laserdiscs you must bypass the CLD-79's internal DAC and use the DAC incorporated in other devices such as digital processors, decoders and A/V Receivers. For this reason, I didn't do an extensive review of the CLD-79's sound quality. I wish Pioneer would just offer a laserdisc transport at a lower price, though I can understand why they feel it is necessary to cover all the bases. The CLD-79 provides two digital outputs (one coax and one optical), in addition to the RF (AC-3) ...
Wednesday, 01 July 1998 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
Philips CDR880 CD Recorder
Introduction Magnetic audiotape's days are numbered as CD recording enters a new phase of affordability. While CD Recorders are far from new, the Philips CDR880's $649.00 price tag is impressive. Early adopters are going to love the Philips CDR880, though blank media costs aren't as low as they'll need to be for magnetic tape to vanish into oblivion just yet. The CDR880 not only records CD-Recordable (CD-R) media it also records CD-Rewritable (CD-RW) media. Rewritable discs, however, only playback on the CDR880 or other CD-Rewritable machines while CD-R's are completely backward compatible with all other CD Players. Evaluation If you can handle the hook up of a tape recorder you'll have no problem installing the CDR880. Both analog and digital (coax and optical) I/O's are provided. You can run a direct line from another CD player (analog or digital) to the CDR880, particularly if all of your material is coming from the one source. If you're ...
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