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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 ,  Written by Andre Marc
Burson Cable+ Active RCA Cable Review
A lot of excellent HiFi products are designed and produced in Australia, and none more than Burson Audio belong in the upper tier of offerings from Down Under. Not only do Burson’s products sound excellent, but they also do not make cookie cutter gear, and inject original thinking into the process. I reviewed and loved Burson’s superb Conductor DAC/Preamp and Timekeeper power amp combo sometime ago, and have tried to keep up with the company’s recent products. Burson built their reputation on headphone amps, DACs and, more recently, their op-amps which have been getting rave reviews. Having corresponded occasionally with the fellows at Burson, it was obvious that they think out of the box, and really do like looking at things from unique angles. This is a great thing, because there are already enough by-the-book audio designs on the market. ...
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 ,  Written by Andre Marc
Bryston BCD-3 CD Player Review
Canadian heavy hitters Bryston surprised everyone a few years ago with their introduction of a speaker line, which now, after wide acceptance and a slew of positive reviews, are considered class leaders in many circles. In fact, the Mini T three-way monitor is my current reference. Possibly more surprising is Bryston’s introduction of the BCD-3 CD Player, with retails for $3495, in an era where the conventional wisdom tells us optical disc playback is fading away in favor of hard discs, servers, and streaming. Not so fast. First off, this is not Bryston’s first player, they had the BCD-1 disc player in the lineup several years ago, and it was a big success. They also have been producing some of the best sounding DACs and servers regardless of price with the BDA and BDP series. In other words, Bryston has ...
Friday, 15 July 2016 ,  Written by Andre Marc
Bryston BDP-2 Server and BDA-3 DAC Review
There has never been a better time to be a fan of high end digital audio. Audiophiles and non audiophiles alike can spend as little as a few hundred dollars for high quality sound. Or, the sky is the limit, with six figure Digital Audio Convertors and file players available to those who can afford them. Couple that with high resolution downloads, and lossless streaming from Tidal and others, and the days of having just a CD player for digital playback seems quaint. I have been on a networked playback system for close to 9 years now. My first device was a Squeezebox Classic, then a Squeezebox Touch, via wired Ethernet. I ripped my CDs to FLAC and bought the occasional 24 bit download. I started with the analog outputs of the Squeezebox, then soon connected via TosLink to a ...
Thursday, 13 August 2015 ,  Written by Andre Marc
Bryston BIT-15 Isolation Transformer & Surge Protector Review
Bryston Ltd has always been known as a fairly conservative company, making solid, reliable, and fairly-priced high-end pro and consumer audio gear. After decades of building a wide-reaching customer base with amplifiers, preamps, and digital sources, Bryston entered several new product categories including speakers. I recently reviewed the mighty $1200 Bryston Mini A stand mount monitor and came away very impressed. Bryston has also ventured into is power isolation. This is quite interesting as Bryston used to recommend their amplifiers be plugged directly in the wall. Their biggest concern was that conditioners could limit current to amplifiers and cause more problems than they purported to solve. Amplifiers can demand very high peak current, just like a Ferrari that guzzles fuel when its owner shifts into high gear. There is ...
Monday, 23 February 2015 ,  Written by Andre Marc
Bryston Mini A Loudspeaker Review
Bryston Ltd, the long-standing Canadian firm, is one of the audio companies I respect most. Their products are produced from a true engineering standpoint, with real world pricing, and backed with standard-setting service and amazingly long warranties. I have reviewed a good number of Bryston products. The BCD-1 CD player, the BDA-1 DAC (still my current reference), and the superb BDP-1 digital player are among my favorites. The company has gone on to introduce a number of new products over the past year so, including upgrades the to the BDA and BDP series, a headphone amp, a USB to SPDIF converter, a high end disc transport, and even DSD capability.Most surprising, the company has added loudspeakers to its product portfolio. The comprehensive line includes floorstanders, stand-mount monitors, subwoofers, in-wall speakers, and home theater specific products. Bryston obviously has the challenge ...
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