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Saturday, 01 September 2001 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Silicon Image iScan Pro Progressive Scan Video Converter
Introduction The iScan Pro is a progressive scan video converter, a product better known in the industry as a "line doubler." Line doublers are devices designed to improve the visual appearance of video displays and projectors, limited to those that can accept the higher scan rates found on many front video projectors, high-definition rear-projection televisions, plasma TVs and computer monitors. This improvement consists of increasing the scan rate, which creates a smoother and more film-like video presentation. To comprehend how the iScan Pro works, you should first understand some basics behind what makes televisions and video projectors tick. Until recent years, all televisions, even front video projectors, were cathode ray tube (CRT) based. This technology has been a part of our lives since the invention of the television some 50 years ago. This technology works by projecting horizontal lines in front of the picture tube. CRTs are capable of presenting 480 visible scanned lines, a number that the ...
Wednesday, 01 April 1998 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Runco SC-4200 Video Processor
The Runco DTV-991 projector incorporates three 8" liquid-cooled CRT tubes for a super bright, high-resolution picture. The companion SC-4200, video processor, contains both a line quadrupler and a line doubler. Together this dynamic duo projects extraordinary video images with any type of source material. Taking a drive down to Genesis Audio Video in Lake Forest, California (just south of Irvine) I was treated to a demonstration of the Runco combination in Genesis' new home theater room. Featuring Snell's THX speaker system, the room was powered by Proceed amplifiers and accompanied by the Proceed PAV preamp and DSD digital processor incorporating both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders. The Runco DTV-991 Due to its 75 kHz horizontal scanning capability, the DTV-991 handles any video media including the newly adopted High Definition format and PC graphics. Several different aspect ratios and temperature settings can be programmed into its 100 memory locations. At Genesis Audio Video, they calibrated convergence for three ...
Thursday, 01 January 1998 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Camelot Technology Crystal Vision VPS-1 Video Processor
Introduction Camelot Technology's Crystal Vision VPS-1 is an adaptive 2-D digital comb filter with four levels of edge enhancement which also functions as a video switcher. In most cases, the VPS-1 will serve as a superior comb filter compared to those now incorporated in Laserdisc players, VCR's and TV's. A comb filter is designed to separate a composite video signal's Chrominance (color information) and Luminance (brightness or black and white information). These two signals, often referred to as Y/C, are transmitted via an S-Video connector. Errors in Y/C separation cause visual side-effects such as cross-color or cross-luminance commonly referred to as dot crawl (or hanging dots). This color separation process impacts the total potential of the video portion of your home theater. When you insert the VPS-1 between your Laserdisc player and your TV, their internal comb filters are bypassed in favor of the VPS-1. As the composite video signal enters the VPS-1, it is ...
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