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Tuesday, 01 January 2002 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
SIM2 Grand Cinema HT200 DM DLP Video Projector
In the last few years, the world of large-scale video projection has been turned upside down by the advent of fixed-pixel digital projectors. The two most prevalent technologies are Texas Instruments' DLP and JVC’s D-ILA chip based units. While the digital projectors clearly have shortcomings when compared to traditional CRT projectors, especially the big gun nine-inch CRTs, these new projectors have won over many a fan because of their diminutive size, incredible brightness, their reliability and ability to project huge images for home theater applications. The SIM2 HT200 DM is a single-chip DLP front video projector that is capable of 800 x 600 lines of resolution and, as with all projectors in SIM2's Grand Cinema line, is specifically designed for the home entertainment market. Most DLP and D-ILA projectors are first designed for professional applications such as conference rooms, Las Vegas sports books and restaurants. The HT200 physically measures 13-3/4 inches wide, 6.5 inches in height, ...
Monday, 01 November 1999 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Runco Super DTV-852 CRT Projector
Introduction Are you ready for High Definition? Do you want to catch all the action when CBS broadcasts four NFL games in High definition later this year? Well you can display those amazing three-dimensional pictures in your home today with Runco's DTV-852 $15,000 Super HDTV projector. The DTV-852 incorporates three 7 inch CRT liquid cooled tubes, a built-in line doubler with multiple aspect ratio capability and a data grade 50kHz horizontal scan frequency. Not only will regular NTSC sources look fabulous, you'll be able to display virtually any HDTV source. Functions such as contrast, brightness, sharpness, color and tint are controlled via an on-screen menu. The horizontal scan frequency can be synced to 15-50kHz while the vertical scan frequency can be synced to 50 -100Hz. Ultimately, the DTV-852 is capable of 900 lines of resolution for NTSC sources and 1200 lines for HDTV sources. Up to ten aspect ratios, (i.e. 1:33, 1:85 and Anamorphic) can ...
Monday, 01 November 1999 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Vidikron Vision One CRT Projector
Home theater has improved significantly in the last few years, due to discrete 5.1 audio, larger screen TV's, laserdisc and DVD. Still, what I love so much more about the `big movie theater' experience is the heightened level of realism delivered by fine grain, 35 millimeter film prints with professionally installed and acoustically treated sound systems. Despite the number of big dollar, high-end home theater systems I've had the pleasure of viewing over the years, they have always been second best in my mind to the 35 millimeter experience. That is until, I was treated to a Joe Cali demonstration of the Cello Music and Film System featuring Vidikron's top-of-the-line Vision One 9 inch CRT screen projector. The image from the Vision One with a Faroudja VP 400A quadrupler ($25,000) was life-like and so close to film it pulled me beyond the edge of my seat, right into the picture. Colors were accurate without any ...
Wednesday, 01 April 1998 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Runco DTV-991 CRT Projector
The Runco DTV-991 projector incorporates three 8" liquid-cooled CRT tubes for a super bright, high-resolution picture. The companion SC-4200, video processor, contains both a line quadrupler and a line doubler. Together this dynamic duo projects extraordinary video images with any type of source material. Taking a drive down to Genesis Audio Video in Lake Forest, California (just south of Irvine) I was treated to a demonstration of the Runco combination in Genesis' new home theater room. Featuring Snell's THX speaker system, the room was powered by Proceed amplifiers and accompanied by the Proceed PAV preamp and DSD digital processor incorporating both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders. The Runco DTV-991 Due to its 75 kHz horizontal scanning capability, the DTV-991 handles any video media including the newly adopted High Definition format and PC graphics. Several different aspect ratios and temperature settings can be programmed into its 100 memory locations. At Genesis Audio Video, they calibrated convergence for three ...
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