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Sunday, 01 May 2005 ,  Written by Michael Levy
Sony Qualia 004 SXRD Video Projector
Introduction Sony, an undisputed heavyweight in the world of home and professional video, has introduced a new product and product line designed to achieve the often elusive and transient goal of creating the best video image in the home theater world. With their new Qualia brand, Sony has invested significant design resources in creating a variety of special products, from 70-inch rear projection sets to headphones to the object of this review, the Qualia 004 SXRD, which is a most impressive $30,000 video projector. Sony is no stranger to top of the line video, considering the historical market dominance of their G90 nine-inch CRT projector. In its day and for its price, the G90 was a home theater champion. Today’s consumer market no longer supports CRT projectors nor do I recommend them, considering the advances made in digital projection in the past few years. Gone are the days of low light output and the need ...
Friday, 01 April 2005 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
InFocus ScreenPlay 7205 DLP Video Projector
Introduction I have been looking at getting a new, mid-priced video projector. My trusty old CRT, after years of service in my theater, is requiring too much maintenance from the technician. The InFocus ScreenPlay 7205 was first recommended to me by a good friend of mine who designs and installs ultra-high-end home theater systems as a worthy contender in the under $10,000 field of projectors. At the time of the recommendation, the 7205 was retailing for $8,999; the current retail price is now down to $4,999. The InFocus ScreenPlay 7205 is a DLP-based projector. If you are not familiar with DLP technology I highly recommend that you take a look at the www. website for an excellent walkthrough of the technology. The 7205 features Texas Instruments’ HD2+ Mustang chip. Like all digital displays, this projector has a fixed resolution. The DLP chip features a resolution of 1280 x 720 and improves upon the prior HD2 ...
Tuesday, 01 February 2005 ,  Written by Michael Levy
NEC HT1100 DLP Video Projector
Introduction The home theater universe has been expanding geometrically ever since the video projector broke onto the scene, and it took another leap when digital projectors became available. The newer models gave us much higher brightness, easy installation and lower cost, but lagged behind on black level and smoothness of image. Since black level is crucial to a quality home theater display, the CRT projector remained the system of choice for affluent, tech-savvy enthusiasts. However, in the past year, digital video technology has advanced to the point that I decided to look for a digital replacement for the venerable CRT projector that has been heart and soul of my living room AV system. About 10 years ago, I designed a custom 100-inch rear-projection system for my living room, using a lenticular-freznel (rear-oriented) screen, driven by a DWIN HD-500 CRT projector. Thousands of hours of use now calls for a replacement. Searching through the products that might ...
Friday, 01 October 2004 ,  Written by Matthew Evert
Panasonic PT-L500U LCD Video Projector
Introduction Years ago, as home theaters were sprouting up around in homes across the globe, options for dramatic video were few. Of course there were enormous big-screen rear-projected TVs and tube sets up to 40 inches, but anything better and larger was for the mega-rich. Nowadays, there are dozens of options for those of us without a license plate frame proclaiming, “My Other Car is a Ferrari.” Many are going towards the plasma and LCD flat screens for their size and utter coolness, yet for many who want the real theater experience, anything short of 100 inches is too small and as boring as a Kenny G concert. With projectors ranging from $1,000 to a staggering $70,000 and more, the big question is how much do you need to spend on high-quality projection to get a satisfying picture? The Panasonic PT-L500U LCD Projector is an HD-capable display and retails for $2,499, making it competitive with ...
Thursday, 01 July 2004 ,  Written by Thomas Garcia
Marantz VP-12S3 DLP Video Projector
Introduction It has been a little over a half-century since Saul Marantz started a small company, aptly named Marantz, dedicated to producing the highest performance vacuum-tube audio electronics of the era. Revered by many, these products defined state-of-the-art audio during that early period, helping usher in the age of high-fidelity sound. Since then, the company has gone through many transitions, expanding into a global leader in both high-performance audio and video products, continuing to be recognized for their engineering and manufacturing innovations. The Marantz company has entered the 21st-century dawn of digital video with an aggressive assault on the hotly contested and rapidly advancing DLP projector arena. Their latest single-chip high-definition DLP projector, the VP-12S3, which is now in its third generation, incorporates the strengths of its predecessors, culminating with the most recent technological advancements. The VP-12S3 supports a host of new innovative features, including the latest Texas Instruments HD2+ DMD chip, new sophisticated video processing technologies and ...
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