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Sunday, 01 October 2000 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
Meridian 800 CD/DVD-A/V Player
Introduction Meridian’s 800 is their flagship source component, responsible for reference level playback of compact discs, DVD-Video discs, DVD-Audio discs and beyond. The 800, like its AV preamp brother, the Meridian 861, is vastly configurable and highly programmable, allowing the end user to elicit incredible playback feats with true ease. Pricing starts at $19,440 for a basic CD/DVD transport, while a fully loaded unit complete with 5.1 analog outputs, Meridian’s proprietary digital output and an internal video processor weighs in closer to $25,000. Music lovers dedicated to stereo-only playback can use the 800 as a CD player and/or high-performance audio preamp that drives the owner’s existing high-end stereo amplifier(s) and speakers. Alternatively, the 800 can be directly and digitally connected to Meridian’s cutting edge digital speakers. If you subscribe to the less is more theory, these configuration options are as good as it gets, and if you are simplifying a stereo system, you can sell off ...
Friday, 01 September 2000 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Harman Kardon CDR 2 Dual Deck CD Recorder
Introduction Harman Kardon’s CDR 2 is a true dubbing deck, with a play-only and a separate record/play CD tray, allowing direct dubbing from the play deck to the recording deck. Matching the new sleek and modern styling of Harman Kardon’s new line of electronics, the $699 CDR 2 stands out in a crowd with its brushed aluminum disc trays and buttons. The CDR 2 essentially offers two separate players in a single chassis, with outputs for each deck. Both line level and digital (coax and optical) inputs are provided for the CD-R/CD-RW recording deck. Each tray plays CDs, providing sequential play when both trays are full (known as the single mode). In the dual mode, the decks can play simultaneously for multiroom applications. Entering this product line on the late side, Harman Kardon has made up for lost ground with a feature popularized by the computer industry. Offering 2x and 4x speed recording when dubbing ...
Tuesday, 01 August 2000 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Linn Classik CD Player
Introduction Famed British manufacturer Linn, well known and respected for their extremely high-performance audio components such as the legendary LP 12 turntable and the ($135,000 plus) Keltik active system, has created perhaps the first true high-end all-in-one music playback system. The compact and sleek Classik ($1950 or $1995, depending on which of five colors is chosen) combines a tuner, CD player and amplifier into a small (H 80 x W 320 x D325 mm) metal chassis. It looks and sounds right as much at home in your main listening room as it would on a bookshelf or desk in an office or den. Loudspeakers are not prepackaged with the Classik. However, the Linn Tukans ($800 to 850) are frequently used with the Classik to create a complete music playback system, priced at $2,800. The amplifier section delivers an impressive 75 watts a side, far more than any other self-contained unit. The preamplifier supplies three line level ...
Thursday, 01 June 2000 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
Pioneer PDR-19RW CD Recorder/Player
Introduction I was immediately impressed with the Pioneer Elite PDR-19RW as I removed it from its shipping container. This CD-R/CD-RW recorder weighs in at over 14 pounds, much more than the run of the mill CD player. In addition to its heft, indicating a serious power supply and a sturdy chassis, I enjoyed the fine aesthetics, including the well-finished face-plate framed by a likewise handsomely-finished wood side-plate. The PDR-19RW looks the part of Pioneer’s top of the line $1,200 CD recorder and evokes pride of ownership. The PDR-19RW is chock full of features that allow it to serve as a topnotch single box CD player, in addition to its obvious use as a recording device. Its recording features include synchronized copying by track or entire disc, a sampling frequency converter to allow copies from digital sources other than CD, coaxial and optical inputs, and many other indexing and editing features too numerous to list here. ...
Monday, 01 May 2000 ,  Written by Tony Kaklamanos
Onkyo DV-C600 DVD/CD Changer
Introduction The Onkyo DV-C600 is a six-disc CD and DVD changer. Yes, a DVD changer. This multi-featured unit is priced near the middle of its competition: $579.95. Now, if you had a similar reaction to mine, when I was told that I'd be reviewing a DVD changer, you might be thinking: why would I ever want to load six DVDs? I just want to slide a movie in and watch it beginning to end. Well, read on for the pros and cons of this machine. With DTS discs becoming more common, it's important for your player to be DTS compatible. The DV-C600 is DTS ready. (Of course, your receiver must be able to decode DTS. ) The unit also supplies you with advanced ten-bit 27 MHz video D/A conversion (which gives you four times the accuracy of conventional eight-bit, 13. 5 MHz players); gold plated component video output for use with digital TVs; gold ...
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