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Friday, 01 April 2005 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Meridian G98 DVD/CD Transport
Introduction Some look at music and movies as a way to pass time and fill their otherwise silent world with time-consuming chatter. Others look upon them as two of the world’s more precious forms of art. If you have found this review, we know which camp you’re in. For nearly 30 years, Meridian has been dedicated to creating products that excite the senses of those who crave the aural perfection of a live musical performance or a home theater experience that rivals the look of film. The G Series is the newest and most affordable line of products from Meridian that leverages state-of-the-art technology from Meridian’s flagship line, the reference-level 800 series, into smaller and more affordable gear that is more within the reach of many music and home theater enthusiasts. The G98 is an ultra-high-performance CD/DVD transport, complete with a powerful video processor and scaler capable of displaying broadcast quality video at a retail ...
Monday, 01 March 2004 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
Denon DVD 2900 Universal Disc Player
Introduction Audio enthusiasts struggle to understand why every DVD player can’t always play every kind of disc. The answer is complicated and often has to do with nothing more than the raw cost of the universal drives. It is expensive, especially for a high-end audio/video company, to buy a transport from an OEM manufacturer and make it into a player that can play all of the new formats. Some of the early players that can play both DVD-Audio and SACD skimp on bass management for SACD and/or convert DSD (the technology that makes SACD sound its best) into PCM, which is the technology that is most associated with DVD and even CD. For an audio enthusiast, these compromises are wholly unacceptable, which presents a difficult challenge. In order to do DVD-Audio and SACD correctly, audiophiles needed separate players, as well as a receiver or a preamp with two sets of six-channel analog inputs. Up ...
Thursday, 01 January 2004 ,  Written by Thomas Garcia
Shanling/Underwood HiFi SCD-T200 Level-1 CD/SACD Player
Introduction I’m not generally an early adopter of most new technologies. Usually, I prefer to wait for “the latest and greatest” to mature a generation or so. It's only been in the last couple of years that I've developed a strong interest in pursuing the current high-resolution digital audio formats. This hasn’t been due to a lack of inquisitiveness regarding the performance enhancements of these technologies, but rather to a scarcity of compelling source material. However, with the increasing availability of greater options in high-definition playback equipment, substantial increases in titles and a broader genre of music, I have begun eagerly pursuing these new formats and the improvements they offer. With a theoretical frequency response from DC to 100kHz and a potential dynamic range greater than 120dB, these new high-definition formats have the ability to reproduce the music with the highest degree of realism, resolution and detail. Needles to say, when I was offered an opportunity ...
Monday, 01 September 2003 ,  Written by Ben Shyman
Lexicon RT-10 Universal Disc Player
Introduction Consumer acceptance of DVD-Audio and SACD has been slow despite the undisputed and enormous improvement in sound quality. While there is no doubt that the bitter format war between these two high-resolution formats is to blame, making matters worse is the apparent inability of the record companies to agree on a non-proprietary digital connection standard. This not only puts an additional, unwanted layer of digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion in the signal path, but it creates further problems as well. Audio enthusiasts looking to add both these competing high-resolution formats to their systems have been limited by their home theater processors, which at best contain only one set of analog 5.1 inputs (Lexicon’s MC-8 is an exception). Initially, this forced consumers to make a near-impossible choice. After all, many of my favorite bands have released their music on one format or the other, but not both. Recently, however, a handful of manufacturers have designed hybrid players ...
Thursday, 01 May 2003 ,  Written by Augie Bettencourt
Shanling CD-T100 with Level 1 Modification CD Player
Introduction When I first was made aware that I was going to be reviewing the Shanling CD T-100, my thought was “Who the heck is Shanling?” I’d never heard the brand name before but, with very little research, I was able to find many Webophiles were praising the Shanling CD-T100 as an affordable, good-sounding CD player. With a little more digging, I discovered the Shanling CD-T100 was a little-known Chinese import. Their importer is Music Hall, the long time US importer for Creek and Epos, as well as its own Music Hall branded products. As I so far had experience with few high-end products from this region, I had my reservations. My concerns about the Shanling CD-T100 subsided once I heard that Chris Johnson, founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers, had designed a modification for the CD-T100 at his new company, the Parts Connexion, exclusively for The Graham Co. Walter Liederman at The ...
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