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Tuesday, 01 April 2003 ,  Written by Ed Masterson
Transparent Audio PowerIsolator 4 Power Conditioner
Introduction I have long dreamed of having a custom A/V room, designed from the ground up in order to obtain optimum performance from my audio/video system. The design would address everything from room acoustics to EMI noise isolation. When it comes to AC power, if cost was no object, I would have separate dedicated transformers on the power pole for each electronic component. Although totally impractical, this would be the best way to keep noise generated by other electronic devices, such as computers, water heaters, refrigerators and even other audio components, from infiltrating my beloved sound system. A more practical approach would be to use power filters like the new Transparent PowerIsolator IV, which provides both noise filtering and surge protection. On the surface, this may not sound so impressive, since you can purchase a device at your local hardware store ...
Thursday, 01 August 2002 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
ExactPower EP-15A Power Conditioner
Introduction The ExactPower EP15A is a power component designed to regulate and improve the quality of the AC power that is supplied to your audio/video electronics. Most people simply purchase electronic components and plug them into the wall, never even considering that the performance of their A/V systems could be severely limited by the quality of the power that their homes provide. The ExactPower EP15A is a product designed to address this issue directly. The EP15A physically measures 17 inches wide, 14 inches deep, has a 2U rack height of three-and-one-half inches, and weighs a solid 30 lbs. The EP15A provides 1,800 watts of regulated power and provides eight high-quality receptacles for connecting you’re audio/video gear. The front-display exhibits output voltage but can be toggled to display output current or output power if desired. The EP15A sells for $2,499. I give the ...
Saturday, 01 June 2002 ,  Written by Tim Hart
Richard Gray's Power Company 600s Power Conditioner
Introduction Power-related products are gaining greater acceptance as more AV enthusiasts are realizing the benefits of cleaner power delivery and the negative effects it has on audio and video playback. This is a field that has had its history tied to high-end audio for years, where the benefits have been known to make substantial improvements to detail, depth of soundstage and low noise floors. The Richard Gray’s Power Company’s 600S is the latest AC power product featuring their previously reviewed, patented choke inductor technology. This eight-and-three-quarter-inch wide, six-and-one-quarter-inch high, 11-inch deep enclosure is a very dense 22-pound package that splits the product line between RGPC’s 400S ($750) and the powerhouse 1200S ($2,000) for larger systems. The 600S is for the consumer who wants the most performance out of gear and has a moderate-sized system that doesn’t require ultra-high current capability. Although there are ...
Saturday, 01 December 2001 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet
Introduction One of my criticisms of -- and nearly every other AV publication for that matter -- is the fact that every time a new issue comes out, there are hardly ever any write-ups on affordable components. While we are raving about $16,000 AV preamps and $24,000 speakers as if they are the Second Coming, it can be easy to forget that not everyone goes to the stereo store every month to get a five-figure AV fix. But we all are junkies to some extent, aren’t we? This is why we are always looking for a great-sounding CD or a DVD that looks amazing because it was transferred from 70 millimeter film – right? That is the fun of owning a great AV system. Well, I have found a good upgrade for those who are looking to mainline a little audio-video ...
Tuesday, 01 May 2001 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
Richard Gray's Power Company 1200s Power Conditioner
Introduction The Richard Gray’s Power Company 1200S is the $2,000 follow-up AC power product to their breakthrough $750 400S power enhaser. The 1200S has 12 Hubbell outlets for your audio/video components, as opposed to four outlets on the smaller and vertically-oriented RGPC 400S. The 1200S, which is the perfect width to fit into a standard 19-inch wide three-space-high rack shelf. The RGPC 1200S uses two of the U.S. patented choke inductors like the one found in the RGPC 400S and is hard-wired with two 20-amp fuses. How Does the Richard Gray’s Power Company 1200S work? The principle behind the Richard Gray’s Power Company product is very simple. RGPC’s patented technology is based around a gigantic power inductor made of hundreds feet of copper wire, which is connected to a hefty iron core. This stores and stabilizes the power that comes from the wall ...
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