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Editor's rating: 
Friday, 10 August 2012 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
High Fidelity (2000) “High Fidelity” is a classic for John Cusack fans.  It embodies all of that 80’s nostalgia plus humor to go with it. Video: 3.5/5 Well, not as bad as “Grosse Pointe Blank,” but still lacking in areas.  This film comes to Blu-ray with the appropriately listed this time, 1.85:1 aspect ratio.  While not as inconsistent as the aforementioned title, this video transfer still suffers from lack of contrast coherency along with the brightness levels.  Black levels are not as revealing as they should be.  Close up shots are terrific for the most part, though some artifacting does creep in.  The more establishing shots present the biggest problems for this transfer.  The texture and details of those shots are lost primarily due to clumpy grain.  The image overall as been scrubbed a little too much.  The colors are decent but lack punch and ...
Editor's rating: 
Friday, 10 August 2012 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Grosse Pointe Blank [15th Anniversary Edition] [1997] “Grosse Pointe Blank” is a cult favorite of many.  However, like many of Cusack’s films it is generational. Video: 2/5 Yikes!  Disney dropped the ball on this release.  I was hoping for at least another “Romy & Michele” quality transfer.  Alas, what we have here is something that I can’t even name.  It seems as though the film was dumped from a low-res transfer onto Blu-ray, with some tweaking in between.  Normally, I just state that there is no artifacting in the image.  This has become a staple in Blu-ray video transfers.  Looks like someone missed the memo.  “Grosse Pointe Blank” has all the artifacting you could ever not ask for.  There is banding.  There are compression artifacts.  There is crushing.  There is edge enhancement and halos.  It goes on and on.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the image is also plagued ...
Editor's rating: 
Friday, 10 August 2012 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Romy & Michele's High School Reunion [15th Anniversary Edition] [1997] Some movies just hit the spot.  “Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion” is one of those films.  If not for a few slow lingering moments in the film, this film would garner five stars, easy. Video: 4/5 The AVC-encoded Blu-ray of this 15 year-old film makes a nice debut.  Don’t believe the box art when it comes to aspect ratios.  Time and time again I see aspect ratio listed as 1.78:1 when in actuality the film is actually 1.85:1.  No kidding the aspect ratio is 1.78:1, all Blu-rays are.  That doesn’t mean the film’s image is in that ratio.  Come on studios, give us the correct info.  There is room for improvement but sadly I don’t think that will ever happen.  If it does it won’t until the 20th or 25th anniversary edition in which more years and degradation of the original ...
Editor's rating: 
Friday, 13 July 2012 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Step Up (2006) I admit, I absolutely hated “Step Up” the first time I saw it.  I wasn’t a fan of hip-hop movies, and other than Rachel Griffiths I didn’t know any of the actors.  One day, that all changed, well all except my stance on hip-hop.  Channing Tatum became one of the biggest stars in teen Hollywood.  Unfortunately, Jenna Dewan became known more as Tatum’s wife than a rising actress and dancer. “Step Up” has spawned a franchise, one that should have never come to fruition.  The sequels, which by the way has a fourth one arriving soon, are more than just awful.  They are tantamount to everything that is wrong with cinema today.  However, the first film offered something that wasn’t common place at the time.  Sure, now hip-hop dance movies are beyond a dime a dozen.  But, “Step Up” is really ...
Editor's rating: 
Friday, 13 July 2012 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Phenomenon (1996) The summer of 1996 was a big blockbuster year.  The fourth of July weekend brought both “Phenomenon” and “Independence Day” to theaters.  And course, back then I was dumb enough to actually go stand in massive, winding theater lines just to get bad seats to see these films.  Home video just wasn’t as quick as it is now. Anyway, after John Travolta was rescued from cinema purgatory with “Pulp Fiction,” he went on to have an illustrious, rare second-chance career.  Personally, I thought “Phenomenon” was a critical success.  However, it seems to have lost its steam over the years, not really keeping up with the times and moviegoers expectations of a film.
 I am biased, but I still hold this film in high regard.  It may not seem original to those that see it for the first time now, but in 1996 ...
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