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Editor's rating: 
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Fright Night (3D/2D) (2011) So, if you are like me, you probably can tell how this film is going to turn out just based on the title, “Fright Night 3D.”  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised, well somewhat. This film’s biggest problem is that it is a straight rip off of a number of films but most notably three.  “Fright Night” is nothing more than “Disturbia” meets “Twilight” meets “Cirque du Freak.”  The former two explain the premise of this film better than I ever could.  Essentially, suburban community, new neighbor, suspicious activity, murders, vampire neighbor, showdown.  That’s it. A boy faces the challenge of killing his vampire neighbor before he turns everyone in the community into a vampire.  Of course, no one believes him because, it’s a vampire he’s talking about.  A fake Las Vegas magician becomes his ally and informant.  His girlfriend plays the strong ...
Editor's rating: 
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Wolfman, The (Unrated Director's Cut) (2010) "The Wolfman" flew through theaters like a hurricane.  Perform a half of one blink of an eye and you would have missed it.  I'm not quite sure why.  While this is not a masterpiece by any means, it is better than most junk getting released these days.  But alas, the film seems to have suffered from a lack of marketing as well as thematic elements. "The Wolfman" is a remake of the original film of the same title in 1941.  The original film is as corny as ever.  I confess that I never saw the original, until now that is.  The original film can be accessed and streamed through this Blu-ray.  I took a quick gander but couldn't handle very much. This 2010 remake is not what I would consider horror per say.  There are a lot of grisly elements, but it ...
Editor's rating: 
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Final Destination, The (2009) There is a time and a place for derivative remakes in a film series, however, this is certainly not one of them.  "The Final Destination" is the fourth in the series.  Know that these films are not sequels.  They simply use the same premise over and over again using different actors. The original writing and producing team of Glen Morgan and James Wong had it right.  They declined to work on the sequels (with the exception of "Final Destination 3" which came from the desperation of the economy).  At a seminar they stated that they declined because any sequels would just be inventing more ways to kill people.  And they were right. The second Final Destination film actually continued the saga a little bit by introduced a new design in death's plan.  However, nothing new came from the third and fourth films.  ...
Editor's rating: 
Monday, 28 September 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Child's Play (1988) MGM is getting horror fans ready for Halloween with their recent batch of Blu-ray releases.  Aside from the nearly atrocious “Wrong Turn” collection, MGM has released some terrific fear-inducing films.  “Child’s Play” is one of the most original horror films of its time and holds up decently after 21 years.  The most remembered horror films seem to be slashers where all it is, is blood and guts.  “Child’s Play” puts forth real fear, a fear of toys. The film stars Catherine Hicks, best known as the mom on “7th Heaven,” as Karen.  She is a single mother of a little boy who longs for a Good Guy doll for his birthday.  When she fails to get one at the store she resorts to a man on the streets for the doll.  Little does she know, but the doll is possessed. When the ...
Editor's rating: 
Thursday, 24 September 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Wrong Turn (2003) I'll admit that I am not a big horror film fan.  There are a few that are decent, but for the most part the genre does not appeal to me.  The "Saw" series, which I think is up to six in total by now, is just ridiculous.  Where is the entertainment value in these films?  So when I sat down to watch "Wrong Turn," I was pessimistic from the start.  But at usual, my instincts did not prove to be wrong. I barely remember this film coming out in theaters in 2003.  It is surprising that it actually made it to theaters.  The box office income and budget for the making of the film pretty much offset each other.  It surprises me that the film cost that much to make and it surprises me that the film actually made enough to ...
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