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Thursday, 23 July 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Labor Pains (2009) "Labor Pains" is a direct to video movie that originally aired on July 19th 2009 on the ABC Family channel.  The movie is being released by First Look Studios.  Unfortunately, despite an all-star cast, the movie tanks.  It is a fairly typical cable movie, but with probably a slightly higher budget than most.  The budget doesn't show in either the movie quality or the production quality. Lindsay Lohan was a bright child actor.  She had a whole lot going for her, but she has seemingly drifted toward obscurity in her acting career.  Her personal life has taken front and center among the media.  Her breakout role in "The Parent Trap" indicated this girl was to have a bright acting career.  She has been swallowed by the teenie bopper film genre and unfortunately has made some rather poor business decisions in her ...
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Friday, 26 June 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Spaceballs (1987) Mel Brooks is the father of parody films.  He created the genre and turned them in laugh riots.  Brooks struck it big in 1974 with "Blazing Saddles."  The film has become iconic in cinematic history.  Brooks followed up his successful feature with "Young Frankenstein," "Silent Movie" and "History of the World: Part 1."  In 1987 Brooks turned out another classic, "Spaceballs." "Spaceballs" is the most memorable parody on the beloved Star Wars saga.  The film is full of inside Mel Brooks' jokes and terrific acting by some top-notch actors.  Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman and John Candy lead this comedic cast. In "Spaceballs," Planet Druidia is in trouble as Spaceball City plans to suck all the fresh air from the planet and transfer it to Spaceball City.  President Skroob (Mel Brooks) hires Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) to capture the princess of Druidia.  On ...
Editor's rating: 
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Black Sheep (1996) As Paramount keeps pumping out the Lorne Michaels productions, "Black Sheep" now hits Blu-ray.  "Black Sheep" is the unofficial sequel to "Tommy Boy," which was released late last year.  It is unofficial in that it retains the same two lead actors, but in different roles and a different story.  However, the acting between David Spade and Chris Farley is so similar that I would flat out call it a sequel. The film was released just one year after "Tommy Boy."  The film is one of Farley's last works before his tragic death in 1998.  Unfortunately, I am more inclined to remember him in "Beverly Hills Ninja," because "Black Sheep" is just not that stellar.  I laughed here and there, but the story is put second to the slapstick humor, and that only goes so far. Chris Farley stars as Mike Donnelly, a ...
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Monday, 11 May 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Wayne's World 2 (1993) There's isn't much left to say about "Wayne's World 2" after seeing "Wayne's World."  While the films don't follow the same premise as the original like other sequels, such as "Into the Blue" and "Into the Blue 2."  Critics didn't care much for the sequel, but I happened to thoroughly enjoy it.  Sure it was dumb, but at least it isn't trying to be something different. The sequel was released just one year after the original, making it one of the soonest following sequels in history.  The entire cast returns, minus Rob Lowe's Benjamin character.  Taking his place is record producer, Bobby (Christopher Walken). Now that Wayne has helped Cassandra get a record deal, she is off with Bobby an majority of the time.  Meanwhile, Wayne and Garth are just hanging around trying to decide what to do with the rest of ...
Editor's rating: 
Friday, 08 May 2009 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Wayne's World (1992) "Wayne's World" is one of those movies that will always stand the test of time.  Mike Myers is a pure comic genius.  When he teams up with Dana Carvey, it is a non-stop laugh riot.  "Wayne's World" was developed during the time in which he starred on SNL.  While he contributed so much to SNL, he saved his best ideas for later.  It was "Wayne's World" that propelled Myers to stardom.  From then on it has been nothing but hit after hit (with the exception of "The Love Guru"). When "Wayne's World" broke onto the scene in 1992 it became an instant hit.  Siskel & Ebert gave it an enthusiastic two thumbs up.  The film takes comedy bits and pulls them into one cohesive story.  The only drawback to the film is that it can no longer be watched over and ...
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