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Grey's Anatomy - The Complete Sixth Season (2010) Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 September 2010
Image“Grey’s Anatomy” started out as a magical medical dramatic comedy.  Despite all the past medical dramas, including “E.R.” and “Chicago Hope,” “Grey’s Anatomy” brought something heartwarming to the scene.  However, after, most would say season three, the show became stale.  It lost its magic.

Season four retained it viewers, but that fell off when it came to season five.  Viewers felt the plots where the same and that the characters weren’t going through anything new.  The show was in a rut.  I know that true fans of the show out there love every minute, no matter the season, but somewhere along the way it lost some appeal for others.

Any show that I watch I always find some interesting aspect about it to focus on, even if the show as a whole isn’t working.  So it is hard me to say that the show ever hit a slump.  I have always found something to be worthwhile about it.  After the disastrous Dr. Erica Hahn and Dr. Torres relationship that through everyone for a loop, good or bad as it may have been.  This relationship stirred up issues for the network.  I still believe that it stemmed from the non-likability of Dr. Hahn.  The network did not give up on where they wanted to go with Callie.  So, in season six they finally got the chemistry right.

Jessica Capshaw stars as Arizona, a pediatrician that becomes involved with Callie.  This match is much better suited.  Lexie Grey and Sloan’s relationship moves to new heights.  Meredith Grey and Dr. Shepherd make the most of their “post-it” marriage.  The biggest change in season six comes with the departure of George and for the most part Izzie, who has survived stage-4 cancer.  Along with this change to the normal cast, Seattle Grace begins to merge with Mercy West due to the budget cuts.  This merger brings a new group of residents to the show.  Unfortunately, they were not written into the show very well or used effectively.  Some have potential while others had their potential wasted by the shocking season finale.
The show ends with a non-so-new plot, but one that was executed very effectively.  I must say, the two part season finale is probably one of the finest I have seen on television.  Love it or hate it, the season finale was very effective, both in the writing and the performances.  Those that followed every episode religious new something was going to come from an ex-patient’s irate behavior.

Overall, the sixth season of “Grey’s Anatomy” has regained some of its mojo.  With the debut of the seventh season just around the corner this is a nice timely release that will help you catch up on what you have missed.

“Grey’s Anatomy” has always had excellent video transfers to home media.  The fourth season is the only season to date that has received a Blu-ray release.  The fifth season was slated for Blu-ray release and then “postponed” without reason.  It seems as though a few foreign releases were made on Blu-ray for season five.  There is no word on a season six Blu-ray release at this time.  That being said, the season four Blu-ray release of the show did not yield a stellar video transfer.  While the sharpness of the Blu-ray would undoubted be better than the DVD, I think the Blu-ray would open up too many holes in the production video.  As it stands, this sixth season DVD transfer is quite pleasant.  It doesn’t contain the vibrant nature of an HD broadcast, but nevertheless it holds up.  As with every DVD in existence there is problematic compression artifacting.  Still, details are fairly good with decent shadow delineation.  Fleshtones seem to be more stable than its season four Blu-ray counterpart.  While I would love the HD resolution that I saw during broadcast, the DVD does the show justice.

The audio is fairly good for Dolby Digital 5.1.  There are no major frequency coupling issues with this release.  Surround activity is noticeably better than in previous seasons.  Hospital ambience is enveloping and localizable.  The LFE channel gets some use during the most traumatic moments of the seasons, especially in the season finale.  Dialogue is clean and intelligible.  The music falls by the wayside in many instances, which is do to the dynamic range issues with Dolby Digital.  If there is anything that a lossless track would do better for this set it would be a wider and more stable dynamic range, even with television already being mix for a lack thereof.  Anybody watching DVD releases will have no problems with the audio.

The 24 episodes of season six comes on a 6-Disc DVD set.  The first disc contains a starter kit, which brings you up to speed on the show’s events in the past.  The big disappointment with this set, which seems to be holding true for all ABC DVD set release so far this year is that there are no audio commentaries.  The best special feature in this set is the extended season finale, which has 20 minutes of additional footage cut from the television broadcast.  While most of the scenes don’t amount to much, as a whole they fill out the story and event.  It is rare to have a television show have an additional 20 minutes for one episode.  Aside form that the set contains some additional deleted scenes for other episodes, some outtakes, six webisodes, a making-of featurette and a featurette on Chandra Wilson directing “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Pretty good for a DVD set, but not great.

“Grey’s Anatomy” might just be making a comeback.  We will have to wait until the season premiere to find out.  This DVD set has a some above DVD video and audio transfers that remain consistent throughout the season.  I recommend this set for fans who don’t want to wait for the possibility of a Blu-ray release.

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