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Tinker Bell Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 October 2008
ImageI know, I know, "Tinker Bell, you've got to be kidding me."  I have to say that I was not keen n watching this film.  While Disney has a reputation for well-planned and animated stories, "Tinker Bell" just didn't seem to have appeal, let alone the fact that it is a direct-to-video new movie. 

That said, I am glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the film.  It has most all of the key elements that makes a Disney film successful; a simple story, loveable characters, and beautiful animation.

"Tinker Bell" is the coming of age story of the fairy that captured the hearts of Peter Pan fans.  Tinker Bell, Tink for short, comes to Pixie Hollow through the magic in the first laugh of a newborn baby.  Upon arising from the pixie dust, she must choose the symbol that will determine what type of fairy she will become.  Of all the wonderful jobs, she ends up being destined to be a Tinker, those that build the tools used by the other fairies.

Once Tink experiences the delights of the water fairies, creature fairies, light fairies and others, she feels like it is insult to be a Tinker fairy.  She befriends a group of fairies and persuades them to teach her the ways of their fairy duties.  No matter what she does, she cannot perform any of the tasks other than that of a Tinker.  However, she does not realize this.

The story takes place in Pixie Hollow during the fairies' preparations to turn the winter season of the mainland into spring.  They prepare by practicing their talents and painting ladybugs. The film comes to conclusion with a typical Disney ending…happily ever after.

The movie contains voice talents by some of Hollywood's biggest stars.  TV bit-player veteran Mae Whitman does a wonderful job as Tinker Bell.  Pamela Adlon does a great job voicing Vidia, the "villain" of the film.  Other brilliant cast members include Jesse McCartney, Lucy Liu, Kathy Najimy, Raven-Symoné, America Ferrera, and the always super awesome and terrific Kristin Chenoweth.

As far as animated films go, the video quality of "Tinker Bell" is top notch.  The 1080p/AVC presentation presents the viewer with the most vibrant colors and details.  Digital to digital transfers shows the true potential of the Blu-ray format.  The black levels are impeccable.  Details are distinguishable in all manners of lightness and darkness.  The image is incredibly deep, yielding a presentation that jumps off the screen in all but a true 3-D way.  Remaining in the digital realm from beginning to end, there is no edge enhancement, digital noise, banding, etc present at any time.  Truly a great video presentation.

The audio quality is also very well done.  Disney has given us a PCM 5.1 audio track that has large dynamics for such a subdued film.  The surrounds are almost always filled with ambience and discrete effects move throughout the soundscape.  The LFE channel is tight and used appropriately.  The dialogue is strong and well balanced in the mix.  However, this is only the case when listened to at theater level playback.  If you watch the film at a decent volume, the dialogue volume will probably appear a bit on the low side.  The rest of the film, effects and music, are well positioned against each other.  This Blu-ray's audio track is easily equal to other direct-to-video films, and even many feature motion pictures.

The bonus materials are a bit scarce, but somewhat entertaining.  "Creating Pixie Hollow" is a short featurette that discusses the concept and creation of the film.  There are six deleted scenes, two of which are fully rendered.  There brief introductions to each deleted scene.  Selena Gomez's "Fly to Your Heart" music video is also included.  The short film "Ever Wonder" shows the fairies changing a real location from winter to spring.  "Tinker Trainer" is a complex game.  Exclusive to the Blu-ray is the "Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow," a feature that provides background information on the world of Pixie Hollow.  There are also BD-Live features that were not present at the time of this review.  Lastly, there are preview trailers for other Disney films.

"Tinker Bell" is a fun Disney direct-to-video film.  Youngsters will definitely enjoy the movie.  The colors will keep them enthralled.  Grown ups that liked Peter Pan and Tink may get a kick out of the film.  If interested in the video quality of digital animation, then this is definitely a disc for you.  The audio quality even suffices.

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