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Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009) Print E-mail
Friday, 23 October 2009
ImageDisney has a plan to carry on the saga of Tinker Bell, Peter Pan's beloved fairy.  They are release direct-to-video animated features each year, each with a new Tink story.  Last year saw the first of these films come to Blu-ray.  This year it is "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure."  My hat goes off to Disney for their creations.

I consider this sequel to be better than the original in most ways.  However, there is one drawback that simply holds me back from giving this film a half star rating higher than its predecessor.  My favorite character from the first film was Vidia.  She is only found in two scenes during this film, which I think takes away from some of the character dynamics.  That aside, the sequel has a more adventurous story than the original.

The original film introduced us to Tink and how she became a Tinker fairy and loathed every minute of it.  It is a story about her acceptance.  However, this sequel has Tink as a part of the fairy family.  She is entrusted to create a new fall scepter to welcome in autumn.  She is given the blue moon stone, which is the key to bringing blue pixie dust to Pixie Hollow and rejuvenating their sacred tree.  When an accident crushes the blue moon stone, she tries desperately to find a way to repair it or replace it.

At fairy tale theater she is given the idea to find the lost pirate treasure that contains a mirror with one wish left.  She will use that wish to fix the moon stone.  Disney throws in a reference to Neverland just for kicks, though no landing on Neverland island actually occurs.

This sequel is certainly enjoyable.  Children will simply love it.  It gets back to the roots of Tinker Bell and her adventures.  Moving beyond the scenery of Pixie Hollow was genius on the part of the Disney creators.  In the previous film we felt confined to a tiny space.  By traveling across great oceans, the film is given so much more depth.  While the plot is simple and entirely predictable, it is still fun to experience.

The sequel does fall a bit short of the video transfer standard set forth by the first Tinker Bell release.  While I found the first film to be perfect, this one falls just ever so short of perfect.  Nevertheless, the transfer is simply gorgeous.  For all intensive purposes, the video transfer is perfect for most viewers.  I caught a couple distracting moments of banding and jitter, which keep me from giving it a perfect score.  However, these items will most likely go unnoticed by other viewers.  Now, the colors are simply amazing.  They are rich and luscious.  They never bleed nor falter.  The black levels are absolutely perfect, as to be expected.  Details and textures are gorgeous.  You are able to revel in every leaf, rock and plant in the film.  Edges are superb.  All in all this is a visually stunning presentation.
Likewise, the DTS-HD 5.1 audio transfer also falls a bit short of the previous film's audio track.  However, these shortcomings are more to deal with the original sound design than the transfer.  The LFE channel is solid.  It is reserved, but it is still present throughout the film.  The enveloping and immersing of the audio track is not as good as the original film.  While surround activity is decent, there were several missed opportunities.  My main issue with the audio track is that the music numbers at the beginning and end of the film are not recorded for playback in high-definition audio.  There are several instances of ringing in vocals due to application of a compressor/limiter on the vocal track.  Also, the balance between music and sound effects runs into each other on a few occasions, creating a muddy sound.  All in all, this is still a very good audio track.  There are two songs sung by members of Celtic Woman that are simply gorgeous.  I just wish they didn't have the ringing problem.

"Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure" comes in a two-disc Blu-ray package.  The Blu-ray disc contains the feature and the bonus materials.  "Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow" explores the autumn season around Pixie Hollow.  "Pixie Hollow Comes to Walt Disney World" covers the transformation of Epcot into Pixie Hollow.  There are some deleted scenes and outtakes.  Lastly, there is a music video by Demi Lovato of "The Gift of a Friend."  All the features are presented in high definition.  However, there are no truly interactive bonus materials for the kids, which is disappointing consider the target audience of this Blu-ray release.  The Blu-ray package also comes with a second disc, which is a standard DVD copy of the film.

"Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure" provides some stunning visuals and a very competent audio track.  The film is also better in story than the original.  Disney has at least three more of these Tink films in production.  The next one is called "Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue," formerly called "Tinker Bell and the Midsummer Storm," I believe.  These next film is due out next year.  I highly recommend this disc.

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