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Meet The Robinsons (3D/2D) (2007) Print E-mail
Monday, 07 November 2011
ImageThis a review of the 3D version of “Meet The Robinsons.”  See the 3D Video section for updated information regarding this title’s 3D quality.  The remainder of the 3D release is identical to the previous “Meet The Robinsons” Blu-ray release, including audio options and special features.  This package simply includes a Blu-ray 3D disc in addition.

"Meet The Robinsons" is another family-friendly movie from the creators over at Disney.  However, unlike "Cars" and "Ratatouille", this film is not from the geniuses at Pixar.  Nonetheless, it is an exceptional film, definitely on par with its predecessors.

Lewis (Daniel Hansen) is a 12, nearly 13 year-old, boy living at an orphanage.  He also happens to be a budding genius inventor.  After numerous failed inventions, and determined to remember and find his mother, Lewis begins work on an invention dubbed the "Memory Scanner".   The creation, entered in a school science fair, turns out to be another disappointment for Lewis, as it explodes in everyone's face.

Little did Lewis know, he was sabotaged by a tall, stinky, lanky, man in a bowler hat.  Lewis returns back at the orphanage only to destroy his invention notebook and sulk on the rooftop of the building.  It is on that rooftop that Lewis re-encounters a strange young boy named Wilbur (Wesley Singerman), who must prove to Lewis that he is from the future.

Jumping into the invisible spacecraft, the two kids blast-off into the future.  It is at this point in time where the story and animation really begins to resemble that of 20th Century Fox's "Robots".  The futuristic scenery in "Meet The Robinson" functions much like the futuristic society in "Robots".  The buildings look alike, and the Rube-Goldberg effect on the transportation of citizens is extremely similar.  The environment in "Meet The Robinsons" lacks a certain kind of cohesiveness.  The buildings and structures of the city somehow immediately switch into the distant suburbs.  But, that is just nit-picking on an animated film.

Back to Wilbur and Lewis, an untimely scuffle between the two boys leads to a crash landing.  Somehow they manage to get the time machine back to Wilbur's parent's garage and begin to try to make repairs.  This is interrupted when Lewis gets sucked up into one of the many transportation tubes that run among all areas of the house, from the garage to the backyard lawn to the front door to the toilet and beyond. While searching for his way back to the garage, Lewis runs into each andevery member of the family, all with extremely unique senses ofindividuality.  Lewis is finally rescued by Wilbur, but not in time toescape the call for family dinner.  The dinner reveals much about thecharacters and their relationships.

From this point on in the film, everything is interconnected and so I won't go into detail in order avoid spoilers.

3D Video:

“Meet The Robinsons” comes to Blu-ray with Disney’s best 3Dpost-conversion of the November 8th bunch.  Note: the Blu-ray 3Dpresentation is presented in 1.85:1 whereas the Blu-ray 2D disc ispresented in 1.78:1.  1.85:1 is the original aspect ratio of the film. It has the most consistent 3D presentation and the futuristic world isprime for 3D excitement.  There is no crosstalk on this release.  Adjustyour settings if you are spotting ghosting.  The colors remain nicelysaturated, future-proofed, pun intended.  The tint of your 3D glasseswon’t hinder your enjoyment of a lush palette of color.  The details arenot as extravagant as other animated features, but that is the originalanimation and not the technical transfer.  The 3D extension of theimagery is magnificent, but doesn’t quite live up to Disney’s best 3Dreleases.  Nevertheless, the 3D depth of the image is impressive.  Kidsand adults will enjoy this 3D release without a doubt.


Like with “Chicken Little’s” Blu-ray 3D release, “Meet The Robinsons”comes toe Blu-ray 3D with a DTS-Hd MA 5.1 encoded audio track.  The 2Ddisc remains intact wit hteh LPCM 5.1 audio track.  Both are identicalfor purposes home theaters.  The audio quality is dynamic, with a soliddialogue track.  The surround channels are used appropriately for soundeffects.  They are well placed, and the panning is on cue, without beingoverly exaggerated, like some animated films.  Unfortunately, thesurrounds were not as good when it comes to atmospheric presence.  Therewere many scenes that presented good opportunities to utilizeatmosphere sounds, yet it was not taken advantage of.  For example, theopening scene that takes place outside in the rain in the middle of thenight yielded very little rain in the surrounds.  The stillness of anytraffic or citizen noise should have made the raindrops in the surroundsan easy job, yet it was a bit empty.  All of that is just a matter oforiginal sound design.  As it stands, the audio here delivers anenveloping, just not quite immersive, sonic experience.

Special Features:

The Blu-ray 3D Combo pack contains the Blu-ray #d, Blu-ray 2D and DVDCopy discs.  All special features are located on the Blu-ray 2D disc. The disc contains pretty standard special features.  First, there aresix deleted scenes.  Each is preceded by an introduction by director,Stephen Anderson.  Next, there are a couple featurettes, "Inventing theRobinsons" and "Inventions that Shaped the World".  Finally, there aretwo music videos and an interactive game.  Exclusive HD special featuresinclude a Bowler Hat game and Disney's Movie Showcase, which highlightssome Producer chosen scenes, which they feel show the quality of theanimation transfer to Blu-ray.

This is great family film that will be well liked by children andadults.  Children will love the admirable characters and the simplisticpart of the plot.  Adults will be able to find more underlying plotdetails to follow and will be able to fully appreciate the completeunfolding of the character backstories and relationships.

The 3D video psot-conversion here brings back nearly the best in Disney3D releases.  It falls just short of perfection.  Regardless, “Meet TheRobinsons” is certainly the best of the November 8th bunch and should bethe one to pick up if you only have money for one of them.  Highlyrecommended.

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