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Charlie's Angels (2000) Print E-mail
Friday, 10 September 2010
ImageAction and looks is everything that this is film is about.  Forget a plot, at least one that isn’t highly predictable.  “Charlie’s Angels” is about wire-work action sequences and more than unbuttoned, or unzipped shirts.  I believe that the creators realized the only way this film would work would be to make fun of itself, which is does.

Still, the only things that may keep audiences in their seats are the girls and moments of martial arts action.  The rest of the film is over the top.  The sexual innuendos and humor works for a little while and then just becomes annoying.  The creators bring the Angels into the modern world and don’t give them a scene without them being in underwear, unzipped racing track suits, unzipped scuba gear, or just a sheet.  The girls play their part well.  But the audience still longs for more substance.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu star as Charlie’s Angels.  Each are deadly in their own way, but playful nonetheless.  Bosley, the link between Charlie and the Angels is portrayed by Bill Murray.  Of course we never get to see Charlie.  At least the film remains faithful to the original TV show in that regard.

There is talent in this film.  The actresses and director McG deliver great performances.  McG has gone on to director some of the best action films and TV series.  Obviously the girls have had illustrious careers before and after this film.

Despite the film being predictable, yes it is another “the bad guy is right in front of your face the whole time” films, “Charlie’s Angels” has a summer blockbuster appeal.  Obviously it was successful enough to spawn a sequel, which Sony has yet to decide to release on Blu-ray.  One would think it would be released as a two-movie package or at least released simultaneously.
One could view the video transfer in a couple of ways.  Either you praise the lush and vibrant nature of the image, or you find it to be highly oversaturated.  I like to think of the transfer as the former.  It matches the tone of the film and seems to be close to McG’s original intent.  Colors are extraordinarily vibrant and bold.  Reds and blues just pop from the screen.  The brightness is exaggerated, but this appears to be true to the source.  Contrast does suffer a bit though.  Black levels are stable and quite even.  There may be an instance or two of crushing.  Shadow delineation is above average throughout the film.  Detail and textures hit both end of the spectrums.  There are couple instances in which details are lacking, resulting a flat image.  However, for the majority of the film the textures are crisp and noticeable.  Film grain is intact and consistent.  This is another great Sony video transfer but won’t leave you raving.

“Charlie’s Angels” comes with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio track that will leave you wanting more if played in the right environment.  If played through a small home-theater-in-a-box system this audio track will be quite annoying.  Not only do you lose the subtleties, but trying to reach a happy volume level will be near impossible.  However, if you play this track back on a properly calibrated dedicated home theater this DTS-HD MA track rocks!  The sound spectrum is fully utilized.  Bass is extensive and at times exaggerated, just like the image and just like the performances.  Dialogue is always crisp and clear.  The surround channels are fully engaged.  Ambience is enveloping and discreet effects are easily localized.  Directionality is not as good as I would have liked, but that isn’t to say it is bad.  It just isn’t up to the level of best audio tracks.  But believe me, if played back on the right audio system you are in for a very dynamic sonic experience.

“Charlie’s Angels” comes with a very decent supplemental package.  Most of the special features come from the standard DVD and remain in standard definition.  Director McG and cinematographer Russell Carpenter lead things off with a very in depth audio commentary.  This is a highly technical commentary that will please other filmmakers.  There is a collection featurettes that discuss the costumes, stunt work, and style.  The disc also contains a few deleted scenes and some bloopers.  New to the Blu-ray is Sony’s movieIQ function.  The disc is also BD-Live enabled.

“Charlie’s Angels” is another blockbuster action movie with plenty of visual appeal but not much in the way of story.  Still this is a highly entertaining film.  The audio and video qualities are more than adequate, with the audio track remaining very close to the original dub.  I recommend picking this disc up.

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