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The Audio Video Revolution Ad Specs
Effective – May 2007

Banner Ads  
728x90 pixels - (40kb max) EXAMPLE
300x250 pixels - (40kb max) EXAMPLE
300x600 pixels - (50kb max) EXAMPLE
On AVRev.com and ModernHomeTheater.com we feature three banner ad sizes. Wide 728x90 banner ads (sizes are in pixels), tall 300x600 ads and more square 300x250 ads.

Ads can be targeted to various sections of the site. Audio only oriented products can set to only appear on music review pages and HDTV oriented ads can be targeted to Blu-ray/HD DVD review pages. Targeting can raise the overall cost of a campaign.

The AVRev.com network can accept Flash banner ads on our network of sites. For a complete tutorial on creating Flash ads to meet our specifications, click here...
Fixed Position Ads  
AVR Header - (300x95) - (25 kb max) EXAMPLE
AVR Homepage Small Header - (150x50) - (35kb max) EXAMPLE
MHT Header - (300x95) - (25kb max) EXAMPLE
MHT Virtual Tour - (300x95) - (25kb max) EXAMPLE
AVR Footer - (50 to 100 words + 15kb max photo) EXAMPLE
On AVRev.com and ModernHomeTheater.com there are several places where banner ads can be fixed in place for an entire month so they will always be visible whenever a user comes to the site. Two headers are available on the top of every page of AVRev.com just to the right of the logo.

A wide 528x124 fixed position ad is available that can be placed under the news and HD DVD/Blu ray sections on the home page of AVRev.com.

On the very bottom of a AVRev.com page, a 50 to 100 word plus picture "footer ad" is a highly effective way to educate readers with an ad that feels very much like a news story.

On Modern Home Theater, a fixed position header ad is located to the right of the logo. On each virtual tour page, a fixed position ad is located on the right hand side, just under the large slideshow image gallery.
Email Newsletter Ads  
AVR Email Banners - (300x250) (.gif or .jpg only) EXAMPLE
AVR Email Header - (190x70) EXAMPLE
Advertorials - 50 to 75 words plus image and link EXAMPLE
Every week AVRev.com and Modern Home Theater set our informational newsletters with news and product updates, review links and more. In each newsletter there are several opportunities for advertisers. "Advertorials" are 50 to 75 words long with a picture and "feel" like news stories and run along side the original content in the newsletter. Advertorials may also have up to 10 word headlines as well as a link and or a phone number for readers to contact the client.

300x250 banner ads are inserted between the copy and are a chance for advertisers to show off their products or services in the newsletter.

Last but not least, a fixed position ad is available at the top right of the email header, opposite of the publication logo. This gives the newsletter a "Sponsored by" feeling and is at the top of every news letter for the entire month.
Dedicated Emails  
Dealer Emails
AVRev.com's opt-in database of over 1,700 dealers and custom installers is second to none. We compiled a list of every known North American audio video dealer and literally called them one by one. We asked if they would not only be interested in reading our weekly email newsletters, but if they would also be interested in hearing about new offers from manufactures. If you are looking to open new dealers to see your products, this product will let you tell potential dealers about your product and how they can benefit by carrying it in their stores or spec'ing it into jobs.
Consumer Emails
Manufactures use these highly effective emails to let consumers know about new and upcoming products. Using up to 250 words of copy and several images, these emails to our list of "opt-in" email subscribers give our advertisers to send their message out to a large number of people in a very short time for a fraction of the price of a printed postal mailing. The response rates are higher online than even the most highly targeted traditional mailing.
If you have further questions please feel free to contact AVRev.com & ModernHomeTheater.com. We can be reached by phone at (310) 280-5280 or you can directly contact our head of advertising via email at [email protected].
Ad Reports
Ad Reports are available upon request

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