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Friday, 14 July 2006

Ricoh, a Japanese based office equipment maker, announced Thursday their intention to release a combo HD DVD/Blu-ray format player by next year.

Currently, HD DVD & Blu-ray are battling it out to see who will be the new dominant high definition format. Thus, the current players will only support one format or the other. Despite yes and no reports of a dual format player from Toshiba and Samsung Ricoh has officially announced their dual format player.

Ricoh claims that they have created a dual format player by using a diffraction plate that adjusts the laser so the light focuses properly for each of the disc formats. This will only be a player, but the company has hopes of furthering their technology to make a component that writes both formats as well.

Some are skeptical of the dual format player’s release due to the fact that consumer demand for HD DVD and Blu-ray has yet to solidify. The combo player will most likely be expensive when released due to a couple of issues. Additional royalty costs will be incurred to incorporate both formats into a single unit. In addition, production levels for the units are currently too low causing manufacturers to set a higher retail price.

Prior to the release of this dual format player, the next step in the evolution of high definition format players is to work out the installation and startup issues that plague the current generation players. So, it is probably too earlier as yet to determine the actual functionality of a dual format player.

Source: Associated Press

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