LG Rumored to Supply OLED Panels to Panasonic 
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Monday, 16 June 2014

According to a report from Bloomberg, LG and Panasonic are currently negotiating a possible deal that will allow LG to provide Panasonic with OLED panels. The alleged agreement would enable Panasonic to lower its own production costs while helping LG to promote OLED technology adoption.

Though Panasonic had been partnered with Sony to pursue OLED development, the two companiesended their deal late last year. Likewise, Sony recently announced that it would be suspending its own OLED development, and Samsung has not announced any more OLED models to join its 2013 KN55S9Ccurved-screen model. Meanwhile, LG has remained the only major player to continually pledge support for the exciting new technology, and recently dropped the price of its own 55EA9800 and 55EA8800OLED TV models. If this proposed deal goes through, LG would be providing Panasonic with OLED screens larger than 55-inches.

OLED technology offers superior black levels and contrast over traditional LCD sets, but low yield rates and high manufacturing costs have made mainstream adoption difficult. While this deal is still only a rumor, Panasonic's support could help bring the technology to more consumers, and could give the company a worthy successor to their now defunct plasma TV line

Source: High-Def Digest via Bloomberg

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