DTS Drops Price on Surround Discs As New Formats Take the Spotlight 
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Tuesday, 04 July 2006

DTS, Inc. announced today that they plan to drop the retail price on their catalog of 100 surround sound music titles by as much as 60 percent. Music titles recorded or remixed by DTS into 5.1 surround includes music from the likes of the Eagles, Queen, Eric Clapton and many others.

DTS cites growth in the “home theater in a box” and car audio market for the move to drop prices of their discs. Industry insiders point out that DTS Entertainment, once a leader in surround sound music, haven’t been very prolific in releasing new titles in the last year or two, when they were once the leader in both quality and volume of top 5.1 surround sound titles. A deal to release the better titles from the EMI catalog never really materialized and nothing was mentioned in the release about re-issuing DTS music titles on either Blu-ray or HD DVD discs, which both allow for even better audio and even more video added value items on a music disc.

For those with a 5.1 music system, DTS music discs are a must-have. For those looking for something better than the flat-sounding stereo mixes that major record labels are selling on outdated CDs or on low-resolution MP3s – prepare for a disappointment. Seemingly only a handful of labels are willing to support high-resolution music. Until DTS Entertainment lists a schedule of a few dozen titles of new music on new formats or in high resolution, consider this move a way to empty the warehouse possibly to your benefit.

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