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Thursday, 22 June 2006

Consumer desire for large flat panel high definition television will fuel strong sales of plasma television in 2006, according to Jim Palumbo, President of the Plasma Display Coalition. During a presentation at the SID conference in San Francisco, Palumbo said sales of plasma TVs should reach the three million mark this year, dominating the large screen television category. In fact, according to DisplaySearch, plasma holds a 65 percent share of the 40 to 44-inch TV segment, and worldwide plasma TV shipments increased 87 percent year to year.

"Consumers are awed by the bright, sharp pictures of plasma and the wow factor doesn't go away once the TV is in the home. They are definitely embracing the big screen home entertainment experience that plasma delivers," said Palumbo.

The Plasma Display Coalition was formed by leading plasma display manufacturers Hitachi Home Electronics, LG Electronics USA, Panasonic Corporation of America, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. and Samsung Electronics USA to promote the growth of plasma TV in the U.S., encourage the understanding and benefits and future potential of the product category and along the way, dispel lingering myths.

To that end, the Plasma Display Coalition has joined forces with a leading display expert and independent researcher to conduct a wide range of evaluation tests.

Five plasma displays, one from each of the coalition members, were put through an extensive series of tests conducted in the laboratories of Roam Consulting. Palumbo released the test results at the conference that underscored plasma as the ideal large-screen high definition display for today's home theater.

• Brightness: There was consistent brightness across the screen with no hotspot from any viewing angle.

• Color Gamut: The TVs achieved natural flesh tones, outstanding color range and accurate color reproduction.

• Energy Consumption: When using the five big screens six hours a day for a month, the cost was less than one movie ticket or less than two gallons of gas.

• Image Retention: None of the sets showed residual images and there was no significant phosphor degradation.

• Horizontal and Vertical Viewing: All the sets provided a wide viewing angle (of 157.5 degrees) with minimal brightness degradation and no black level degradation.

• Dynamic Resolution: supports that Plasma is the ideal television among the new categories for displaying and enjoying fast moving sports and movies scenes.

"These results confirm that plasma televisions deliver an outstanding technical performance," Palumbo said.

Source: Golden Loder Associates

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