Nielsen is Adding Internet-Only Homes into Ratings 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 22 February 2013

Nielsen ratings are what help determine whether your favorite show gets another five seasons or gets unceremoniously cancelled before all of the first season airs. Nielsen was never perfect, but with the recent rise of internet based viewing, it's become broken.  The company is preparing to remedy that though, and will soon be including households that have no television service, opting instead of internet only.

Unfortunately, this change doesn't go as far as it could.  Since Nielsen is specifically targeted towards television, and even more specifically towards data for advertisers, sites like Hulu won't count towards the numbers.  Services like Aereo though, which stream live TV over the internet with the same commercials you'd normally see, will. Perhaps we'll see the definition expanded soon, but for now it's a start.

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