Pioneer Concentrating On Blu-ray But Delays Player 
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Written by Scott Selter   
Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Pioneer joins the line of Blu-ray delays by announcing the delay of their player, the BDP-HD1. Pioneer states that the delay is due to “production issues”, but no further details on those issues were available.

Originally scheduled for a late June 2006 launch, the Pioneer Blu-ray is now been given an even more obscure release time of “sometime in the autumn.” Rumors about Pioneer’s delay have the new release date set for sometime in September. With a street price of $1500, this would be a risky move seeing as how Sony’s $1000 Blu-ray player is now being released in August. Consumers probably will not be willing to shell out an extra $500 for a Blu-ray player that they can get cheaper and from the developer of Blu-ray technology.

In addition to their delay announcement, Pioneer also stated that they would stop production on all their DVD products and put all their support into Blu-ray. As things are looking right now, that may be a dangerous move with the announcement of Sony’s Blu-ray hardware delays. I would not be surprised to see a press release in the near future delaying the release of Blu-ray software titles seeing as how there will be no hardware to play the new high definition Blu-ray format come June 20th.

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