Vudu HD Streaming Finally Comes to Computers 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Vudu and Netflix are two distinctly different services with distinctly different focuses.  Netflix offers quantity while Vudu focuses on quality, Netflix is more about disposable content while Vudu wants you to buy.  They’re also very different in that while Netflix started on the PC and eventually moved to the living room, Vudu has, since the beginning, been made for TVs.  Thankfully, that’s changing.

The folks at Vudu are finally offering 720p and 1080p HDX video streams for computer users.  This opens things up for people with HTPCs instead of set-top boxes and for those that wish to watch HD content on their desktop or laptop PCs.  There’s one downside though.  Despite having much improved visual quality, you’ll still only get stereo sound. 

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