Expect to See OLEDs Ship This Year Thanks to UHDTVs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 05 November 2012

It seems like every year when CES rolls around we're promised that this will finally be the year that OLED will come to consumers.  And technically it has, in the form of incredibly small TV sets and even smaller Smartphone panels.  Reasonably sized and priced OELD TVs are still something we're waiting on, but according to the DisplaySearch research firm, we won't be waiting too much longer.  As it turns out, we have UHDTVs to thank.

Ultra High Definition sets are prohibitively expensive and come in at far higher prices than OLEDs will, but both are premium options.  If UHD sets get down to the $5,000 range by the time OLED comes out, the long awaited tech doesn't stand a chance.  That's why OLED makers are going to be pushing their sets to market as soon as they possibly can.  The consumer base needs to be aware of the benefits of a 1080p OLED set before 4K becomes standard or OLED will be set back significantly.  Chances are, we're going to be talking about OLED next year and wondering how long it will be until we see a 4K OLED set at a reasonable size and price.

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