Disney Buys Lucasfilm – New Star Wars Movie Due Out in 2015 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Disney has made yet another massive acquisition.  On October 30th, the company announced that they've purchased Lucasfilm, and with it, Star Wars.  Disney also announced that they're already beginning pre-production on a new Star Wars movie and are looking for writers right now.  Star Wars Episode VII is due out in 2015.

There's another big reason for Star Wars fans to rejoice – no more George Lucas.  As much as we all can and do sing Lucas's praises for creating the universe in the first place, the man hasn't been doing a great job of upkeeping it.  The prequels were just plain bad and, no matter how much demand there is for it, we still haven't gotten the original, unedited trilogies released in an acceptable format.  Blu-ray would be nice.

There's no word on whether the Blu-rays will be release or what changes will be made to the way the Star Wars universe works, but we all certainly have high hopes for Disney to push the franchise in the right direction.  After all, they've done pretty well with Pixar, Marvel and The Muppets.

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