Streaming Roundup: Hulu Drops in Viewers but Leads in Ads – Microsoft May Bid on Netflix 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012

There's a lot of news going on in the world of online video streaming, and it all starts with Hulu, which has been on a steady decline recently.  In fact, this is the first month that Hulu has dropped out of the Top 10 list of streaming sites.   What's particularly interesting about this is that Hulu is still number three when it comes to the amount of ads shown.  While most sites average around 10 ads per viewer, Hulu sits at 51.  And they wonder why people aren't watching.

Netflix is probably the biggest name in movie streaming despite a few recent steps back.  Subscriber gains have been slowing and stock prices are dropping.  Those low stock prices mean a cheaper acquisition if someone were inclined to buy.  That someone, according to rumor, is Microsoft.   There's plenty to lend credence to that rumor too, since Netflix CEO Reed Hastings just stepped off of the board at Microsoft, which has been gearing itself to operate as more of a media company.

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