LCD HDTV Prices Are Dropping…But How Quickly? 
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Written by Scott Selter   
Thursday, 08 June 2006

As expected with the thriving LCD HDTV technology, prices are dropping, but the rate at which this is occurring is slowing dramatically.

There should be significant price drops through the next couple of years until the market for LCD HDTVs stabilizes. However, price tag dips are already beginning to slow by comparison to last year.

32-inch LCD HDTV average selling prices have dropped roughly 24 percent during the first 18 weeks of this year. In the first 18 weeks of 2005 however, the market saw a 53 percent price drop. The same applies to 37-inch LCD HDTVs, which have seen a 30 percent price drop this year compared to 53 percent last year.

President of DisplaySearch, Ross Young said part of the reason for the slow down in price dropping was due to the lack of oversupply thus far this year. The market research company expects that prices for the current LCD HDTV models to fall by about 68 percent from last year through year 2010. However, many unforeseen factors in the upcoming years could push the rate of price dropping in either direction. The recent introduction by LG/Philips of a 100-inch LCD TV at the SID (Society For Information Display) conference in San Francisco leaves the doors of future LCD HDTV development wide open.

Source: PC World

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