Apple Announces the iPhone 5, new iPods and a Brand New iTunes 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The big day is finally here! Apple has revealed their new goods, starting with the iPhone 5.  The most striking difference in design between the iPhone 5 and previous iterations is that it finally has a 16:9 aspect ratio.  Resolution isn't HD, but at 1136 x 640 it's not too terribly far off.  Considering the size of the phone, that might not matter too terribly much.

The other really exciting addition is 4G LTE compatibility.  Finally, those using Apple's smartphone can take advantage of lighting fast data speeds offered by various carriers.  That's a huge boon for the end user and a definite plus for Apple too, since Android phones previously had 4G as a major bragging right.

Apple's new iPhone, as expected, offers up a brand new processor, the A6.  It doles out quite a bit more processing power while sucking down less of your battery.  The iPhone 5 boasts up to eight hours of data transfer on 3G or LTE while the 4S could only handle six.

After rolling out the new phone, Apple spent some time talking about iOS 6, which brings direct Facebook and Maps integration along with a few new other fun additions.  The company also showed iTunes 11, which takes a more minimalistic approach.

Finally, Apple talked iPods, including a very nice redesign of the iPod nano and an iPod Touch that's highly reminiscent of the iPhone 5.  And lest we forget, the dreaded Apple earbuds are now gone, making way for the EarPods , which are actually designed to be comfortable and sound good.  The original earbuds, we suspect, were designed as a sort of audiophile torture device.

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