Avengers: Phase One Blu-ray Box Set Delayed by Replica Briefcase Lawsuit 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Saturday, 08 September 2012

German briefcase manufacturer Rimowa is the company that made the briefcase used in 'The Avengers' – the one you see the Tesseract being carried in.  This bit of trivia will become relevant momentarily.  The briefcase in the movie isn't an exclusive for the film, but is a slightly modified version of the Rimowa Topas, which is an aluminum briefcase that comes in at around $750.  When Disney decided to include replicas of this briefcase with the 'Avengers: Phase One' box set, Rimowa wasn't happy.  They sued and now things are getting complicated.

The much anticipated 10-disc limited edition Blu-ray set is now going to be delayed, but just how long is jarring.  According to a Disney rep, we're looking at having to wait until next spring until the 'Avengers: Phase One' box set hits retailers.  This will not affect sales of 'The Avengers' on its own, thankfully.

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